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Thank you very much for stopping by Bella Coco and having a little read!
My name is Sarah-Jayne and I’m the girl that taps on the keys and adds the pretty pictures. I’ve had this blog since April 2011 where it has undergone many different layouts and a few name changes!!

About Bella Coco

I am Thirty year old Beauty, Holistic and Sports Therapist from Nottingham UK. I have been in the Beauty industry for over 12 years and I am currently living my dream of teaching the subject to College students. I’d always had a desire to teach and I knew if I worked hard and gained the experience then I would get to where I really wanted to be. I’ve always been a goal setter and I love nothing more than setting myself a goal and working hard to achieve it. I spent most of my early 20’s working my way up in my career.
Once I reached my career goal, I found myself looking for other goals to achieve. As a child I loved arts and crafts and my passion was reignited when I suddenly got the urge to make something….anything…..I wasn’t really bothered what it was I just knew I had to put my excess energy into something.
I love trying new things. Some of the crafts I have tried my hand at are sewing, crochet, knitting, card making and jewellery making. I’m constantly looking for new things to try.

BC My aim

I find inspiration in pretty much anything! I love reading other blogs, browsing Pinterest and interacting with the lovely world of Instagram.
I pretty much enjoy doing anything as long as I can be creative and my blog will reflect on the things that I am currently loving doing at that time. This can include reviewing Beauty products, doing DIY projects and finding inspiration for home interior and design projects, I’ll even throw in a few everyday lifestyle posts for good measure.
The aim of this blog is to share my interests and hopefully inspire you in the process.
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Take care and I look forward to interacting with you!
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