The Winter Tool Kit

Do you have a winter tool kit? Even if you’ve never thought of it in that way before I’m sure you have a mental list of items you can’t live without in the colder months. It’s certainly dropped a lot colder here in the last few weeks and it got me thinking about the items that I love. So today I’m going to share with you what I think are the essentials for a Winter Tool Kit.


A nice warm coat

I like to purchase a new coat every year if I can. This year I was extra excited as I can finally fit back into ‘normal’ size clothes (AKA not maternity) I saw this coat from NEXT and instantly fell in love with it. It has a hood which you can fold away and it’s seriously SO warm.

Gloves and a Scarf

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with gloves and scarfs. I love to be warm, but hate feeling like I’m wearing a million layers of clothes. The constant on/off of the gloves to do things and use your phone as well as the forever swooshing of your scarf to re-wrap it around your neck again is something I’d rather not do with my time. So fingerless gloves and a snood are a winner for me. I love these leopard print ones from  Somerville Scarves, they’re super soft and tick all the boxes for me.

Skin protection

Lips and hands can take a really take a beating during the cold months. Going from the cold air outside to the toasty inside can cause the skin to become dry and cracked. I love Carmex for the lips, I find that it keeps them hydrated and I love the little tingling sensation when it’s applied. Better yet, it’s affordable so you don’t feel guilty for lathering it on! For the hands, I love body shop coconut hand cream.

For the cosy nights

Hot water bottle (although I’ve discovered recently that a newborn baby clinging to your chest has the same effect!)


I’m not a fan of winter spice and Christmas scents but that doesn’t mean I can’t light some candles to give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. I have fresh floral scents all year round but they somehow feel extra special on those dark winter nights.


A good pair of Pyjamas is an absolute must. Previously I’ve purchased a lot of cheaper options but in recent years I’ve learned that having fewer of better quality ones is far better. Even though they may cost a little more, it works out better in the long run. I love NEXT pjs as they are great quality and wash really well. Some even have pockets!! WINNER! You can find the PJs pictured below here.

So what would you put in your winter tool kit? Is there anything extra you would add to mine? Leave your comments below!

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