A new way of life

Hello! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Forgive me for my silence while I’ve been getting used to a new way of life. If you didn’t know already, Ella Grace was born on Friday 13th October and life has certainly changed….for the better might I add.

Before Ella came along, I think it’s safe to say I was addicted to work. In fact, having Ella has made me realise that I had forgotten how to NOT work. If you look back on my Vlogs and Blogs over the last year or so, I shared how at times I felt like I was struggling to switch off and that I had a few too many balls in the air.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still very driven when it comes to my job/career. I believe that women CAN have children and ‘get back to business’ (name that Beyonce tune!). In fact, I’m sat here typing with one arm and holding her with the other. Granted it takes ALOT longer and it’s very stop-start between crying episodes and dirty nappies, but it can still be done.

I feel that I’m beginning to surrender to a better work/life balance, realising that if a blog post isn’t up on a certain day, it’s not the end of the world (unless it’s a paid job of course) For the last 5/6 weeks since Ella has been born, I have really taken a step back. At the end of my pregnancy, I was busy getting things into place for this new way of life. I changed the way I run things in order to make them work more efficiently and so that I could use my limited time in a more productive way.

I’ve loved taking these few weeks to bond with my baby girl and to try and adapt to a life without routine. I’ve missed having this as a creative outlet and have had some many ideas for the future! Once Ella is in a bit of a routine, I shall be able to produce more content. I have also been loving making more videos for my lifestyle channel on YouTube. Are you subscribed? If you like to watch vlogs, home videos, hauls etc…come and follow along 🙂

Once again (as I know I’ve said it so many times before) I’m so thankful for your support! It means the world.


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