Garden Makeover

It’s finally time to reveal the Garden Makeover. Wow this feels like it’s been a LONG time coming! We made a start on the garden over a year ago now. My husband, Father in Law and Daddy number 2 have all chipped in to create this new space. My Husband has never done anything like this before (and I don’t think he will be in a rush to do it again anytime soon) and I am so proud of him for what he has achieved.

So let’s start with the before Photos! Looking back at these, I actually forgot what a mess it was. New builds are notorious for having rubbish gardens. All of the waste gets thrown into the garden and the turf gets chucked on top with little effort. We found the garden to be a never ending battle of the weeds so we knew that starting again was probably the best option.

When thinking about what we wanted for the garden, low maintenance was a must. I love doing a bit of gardening, but most of the time I’m busy with other things and I just forget to keep on top of the plants and the grass.  We wanted a clean open space with a sitting area at the back and, I’ll be honest, we had a fairly strict budget. Like always, I took myself across to Pinterest to get some ideas. Here are the Key images I selected when designing the garden.

Key Elements

Large White Pebbles

Grey Slate Patio


Artificial Grass

The plan was to make the patio area which leads out from the Kitchen larger as well as extend the patio at the back of the garden and create a raised decking area. This would still leave a decent sized grass area. We debated for a while over if we should get artificial grass or not, but with the trouble that we had with the last one, I was worried about keeping it weed free again (After all, I was the one who mowed the lawn). In the end, we went for artificial and I’m so pleased with did! It looks neat and tidy, feels lovely on bare feet and is completely low maintenance! Hurray!

So although it had taken us a while to get it done, we are so pleased with the end result. All that we have left to do is paint the decking. My original idea was to paint the decking in a grey colour, but I think the colour in the above inspiration pictures will really bring some depth to the area and make the white furniture pop. Speaking of the furniture, this was a total bargain. We got it in the closing down sale at BHS for just £600!!!

So there it is! What do you think? Unfortunately we haven’t had a huge amount of time to use it this summer with the unpredictable Great British weather! I am however looking forward to using it next summer when the little girl is here!