Everyday Make Up Routine

Today I’m sharing my everyday make up routine as I often get questions about what I use. I am a MASSIVE lover of Bare minerals and I have been for years. Some would thin that this post has been sponsored by them…but I assure you it’s not! lol. I just really like it and you would have a hard time trying to convince me to switch brands. Anyway, you will find a video below of how I apply each item, as well as a list of all the products I’ve mentioned.

Although I am a Beauty Therapist by trade, I’m certainly not a Make Up artist (and I don’t claim to be) which makes this look very easy to create yourself at home on a day to day basis. This look take me as little as 5 minutes in the morning. Whether you pick up a few ideas or this post inspires you to try a new product, I hope you enjoy it 🙂