Vision Boards and Dreaming Big

As another instalment of my Inspiration series, today I am talking about Vision Boards and Dreaming BIG. You may have already read my last post in this series all about setting goals using a goals jar, if you haven’t, you can read it here. In a nutshell, the goals jar involves you writing down your goals and putting them in a jar and pulling some of them out every day to read them. The trick is to immerse yourself in the goal and feel like you already have it. Some people can struggle with this concept at first and prefer a much more visual aid such as a vision board. I personally do BOTH! I mean, it’s good to cover all bases right?

What is a vision board?

So, what is a vision board? Well, it’s pretty simple really. You can either create a physical board or a virtual one….which ever you prefer. You will simply find images and words which will resonate with what you truly desire and add them to your board. Vision boards are something I have been doing for a while and I’ve completed a few of them now! (You can read some of my past post on Living the law of Attraction Part One & Part Two where I touch on this a little) and I find creating them so much fun.

I like to add things that I already have and that I am grateful for as well as things that I desire in life. Being grateful helps create the foundations of success, because if we aren’t grateful for what we have, we won’t appreciate the things we want when we get them. Why not start the 30 day gratitude challenge today?

I’ve said in the past, sitting down and thinking about what you actually want can be tricky when you first start. Sometimes the best thing to do is actually think about what you don’t want at first (although don’t ponder on that for too long) and then think of the opposite. BUT you will find that once your ideas start to flow, more will follow. And don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG! You conscious mind will try and tell you “don’t put that on there because you will NEVER be able to have it”, but let me tell you, your conscious mind is a complete party pooper and you should totally ignore it. I also find it works even better if you can be IN the photos in some way. When we were in the process of selling our last home, I would come to my current home (knowing at the time it was out of our price range) and take photos. I had a photo at the sink, a photo pretending to use the microwave, a photo in the garden etc! The simple action of immersing yourself into the goal is so powerful. So even though I thought the house was out of our range, within a weekend a series of events happened where we sold our house and struck a deal to but the house we really wanted. So go for it…photoshop yourself into a picture if you need to!

Story time

Last week I decided that I wanted to redo my bedroom. For a while now I’ve been wanting a new bed as I find the dark brown leather bed is just a bit too dark for the room PLUS a new carpet is much needed. Of course with being 33 weeks pregnant at the time, people were saying to me “You should be concentrating on getting ready for the baby, not decorating your room”, “You should be saving your money for when the baby comes” and “theres more important things you should be thinking of”. Well, I’m sorry to say that I don’t listen to people when they say these things to me, in fact, it makes me even more determined to achieve what I want to achieve. When I set my mind to something, amazing things start to happen. Some may call me lucky, I call it the Law of attraction! I got to work making a vision board for my new bedroom and what I wanted it to look like so that I can really have a clear view in my head, then……I act like I already have it!

So at this point in time, I really didn’t have any spare cash in order to decorate the room but I didn’t let that stop me from knowing that it would happen. A few days after creating my board, I came across a competition to win a bed! No it wasn’t the EXACT bed that I had on my board BUT it was white, beautiful and so much more my current style and vision. So I entered knowing that this was a great chance to get the ball rolling. Guess what?! I WON it. Cue the happy dance! Not only did I win this bed, but the very next day I had £200 unexpected cash land in my lap! Happy days. £200 was exactly how much I needed to get the two chest of draws that I needed. I now have the chance to sell my existing furniture to put towards a new carpet!

So bear this in mind… don’t have to know HOW you will get the things that you desire, just TRUST that you WILL and open yourself up to those opportunities.

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