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I’m back again with the blogging series and this time I’m talking about how to write the perfect blog post. If you missed the first instalment all about How to start a blog, check it out first. Now, before we get started I think it’s fair to say that everyone will have their own idea of what a ‘perfect’ blog post would be, your opinion may probably be different to mine. But I’m really looking at the fundamentals today. The things you should include and some hints and tips to make it fabulous.


When it comes to blog content you should really be producing things that you are passionate about. If you don’t, I feel it’s clear for your audience to see. Of course you want to delight your audience, but producing content that you THINK you should and not feeling passionate about it is a recipe for disaster in my opinion.  To me, my blog is a creative outlet. YES it’s now my job, but I still LOVE it. There have been times in the past where I’ve taken a break because I felt uninspired and it’s done me the world of good to get myself back to the right frame of mind for sharing what I love.

That being said, whenever you are putting content out there you should always try and teach your audience something. They should be leaving your blog post feeling like they have gained something from it. Whether it’s a desire to go and decorate a room in their home, to try their hand at something crafty or to make improvements in their life. Information is key! My motto for my blog is ‘to inspire others to lead a creative life’,. This is something I bear in mind every time I write a post. So perhaps take a moment and write down what you feel you want others to gain from reading your blog? It could be that you are a business person and you want to share your story to help others going through similar stages in their business. You could be a Mum or a Dad who wants to share parenting tips. Whatever you want to share with the world be clear in your mind what your intentions are.

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A large part of my blog revolves around the photography I have along side my written content. Being a visual person I find myself drawn to photos more than anything else. I’m certainly no photographer, the style of photography I take isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it! I also find that I have attracted like minded people to my blog because they love it too. If you were to look back on my old blog posts you can see the improvements that I have made over the years. It’s something that has been a trial and error process for me, but again, I’ve been passionate about improving those skills.

I’m not saying to have a good blog post you must go out and buy an expensive camera and all of the photography equipment because that would be silly. What I am saying is be mindful of the photos you do use. Make them relevant to the content in any way you can.

Smart phones take pretty good photos nowadays, so maybe you could start off by really learning to use it to the best of it’s ability. Download some apps (I recommend Snapseed, Facetune and VSCO cam) OR if you really don’t think photography is your thing, there are plenty of stock photos out there. There are programs such as Adobe Stock or Creative Market which you can use to download some photos, but be aware you may have to pay to use photos from sites such as these. Creative Market is particularly great for pretty Stock Photos. You can buy credits and pay only as you need to rather than paying a monthly fee BUT they also do FREE special downloads on a monthly basis! These alone are well worth signing up for.

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There is no point in publishing a blog post and then sitting and waiting for people to read it. You will have to promote your posts to a certain extent in order to gain traffic to your blog. When I first started blogging, it was much easier. Unfortunately, in the last few years a lot of social platforms have introduced algorithms which make it very hard to get content out there unless you pay! Don’t let this put you off though, it is still possible to get your blog out there if you are looking in the right places. This is why it’s important to know who your audience are. Join Facebook groups, get involved in conversations, research the type of hashtags you can use on your tweets and Instagrams to target the right people. BUT do not just do it with the intention of driving traffic! As I said at the beginning of the post, people will see through things like this. You need to get involved in the community and not just spam your links everywhere. A lot of groups on Facebook will now simply remove these links and you could get banned from sites. There are so many different Twitter chats that go on nowadays. They usually run on certain days and times which is a really good way of getting involved in a community. Search for you blog neiche and see if you can find any.

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SEO is really important to get your content out there in the world. This is something I’m still learning myself. I recently ready a post by Charlie Friend who explains domain authority far better then I ever could, so pop along to there post and get some tips.

Be patient

It’s very rare that blog are an overnight success. It takes time and effort. This is why I can’t stress enough that you must be passionate about your blog and it’s content, because if you are, you won’t last very long at all. Some of us are lucky enough to build over time and create an income from them, but again it takes time and ALOT of effort. The next blog post in this series will talk all about how to generate revenue from a blog.

So have any of you started a blog recently? Have you found these tips helpful? Leave me a comment below and don’t forget to check back to learn all about how to make money from your blog.


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