Floral Wreath Tutorial

After showing a picture of my Floral Wreath on Instagram a few weeks back, I had lots of requests for a tutorial. As well as this project being super pretty, it’s actually really easy and so enjoyable to make. You will find the video tutorial at the bottom of this post.

For the original wreath I made which is pictured in this post, I used the artificial flowers that were part of the decor in our UK Wedding reception. As the wreath I made is for the Nursery, I thought it was a really nice touch to have something that connected our vows to each other and the birth of our first child. I also added a few extra flowers to tie in with the colour scheme in the nursery.

The majority of the flowers were purchased from The Range and Dunelm, however, you can get some lovely artificial flowers from Ebay and Amazon. I would recommend that you use silk flowers rather than foam flowers as they look much more natural and are easier to work with.

You will need

Wire cutters

Artificial Flowers

Polystyrene Ring (Flat back)

Something to hang your wreath. I used a curtain Tie Back

What to do

Begin by placing larger flowers such as Hydraingers around your hoop. I like to do this fairly symmetrically as a base for the rest of the flowers. Then…..let your creativity go wild! Place your flowers in and around the hoop making sure you cover the inner and outer aspect of the hoop too. I also like to periodically place the wreath on the floor to get a better view of how it’s looking.

Once you are happy with your arrangement, decide which is the ‘top’ of the wreath and attach your hanger to the back of the wreath.