Bobble Stripe Blanket

I’m so excited to finally be bringing you the Bobble Stripe Blanket tutorial and pattern today. After starting it over a year ago and putting it down for pretty much just as long, it’s now ready to share with the world. I loved to see it build with each row and anticipated it will look like with each change of colour, and I’m sure you will love to make it as much as I have.

Today you will find Part One of the tutorial which will explain how to get started and the 9 row pattern repeat. You will also find below the printable PDF pattern which can be downloaded in either UK or US terms depending on your preference. The pattern is written in beginner friendly terms with an easy to use table to see what stitch and what colour to use next.

You will need to select 5 colours (one of them being a neutral colour) I have chosen to use. Cream, Duck Egg, Clematis, Parma Violet and Wisteria from Stylecraft Special DK you can find these colours at

If you are doing any other multiple of 24 (not including 96+1 like I have done in the sample) The bobble row must do 4 half trebles, change colour on the 5th half treble and then bobble on the 6th. This 6 stitch pattern will repeat all the way along. Do not bobble in the last stitch of that row.

I’d love to see you working on your blankets, so make sure you tag #bobblestripeblanket on your social media. Do forget to follow @bellacococrochet and @bellacoco_ on Twitter and Instagram. You can also PIN the picture below if you want to save the project for later.