We’re having a…..

We’re having a Baby Girl!!! We went for a private scan this morning at BabyBond in Mothercare Nottingham and found out that we are having a baby Girl. I’ve been convinced the whole time that we we’re having a boy purely because for about 18months I would have ‘visions’ of a little boy who looked just like Anthony. I did have a dream a week or so that we had a girl so maybe my senses were strong, but I wasn’t listening. For a few weeks now I’ve been asking people what they thought we were having and most people said Boy! We would’veĀ been happy with a Boy or a Girl so both of us are so pleased that we know.

After our scan, we picked up a little set of baby Girl clothes for our Princess and we were both so excited. We invited our Families around to ours this afternoon for a get together and to tell them. We had a big black balloon which covered them in pretty pink confetti when it burst above their heads. It was such a lovely moment and I’m so happy we managed to capture it on camera and film (to be featured in this weeks vlog).

We are excited to start thinking of some names and I’m going to be spending my evening pinning baby Girl ideas to my Pinterest boards (of course!)