My Bucket list

For a while now I thought it was about time I updated my bucket list. Years ago (way back in 2011) I created a post and published it to the world. As I look back on that post, I realise that I have completed some of those things and some of the things are no longer relevant. So as we move into 2017 I thought it was appropriate to create a new list. I’ll start the list with some of the things that I have achieved since my last list as it’s always important when setting goals to honor the goals that you have already achieved and feel grateful for such blessings. And of course, I don’t expect to achieve these all in 2017

Already Achieved

Get married

Learn photography (Although I have still a way to go!)


Start my own Business

Write a book

Alicante Nicola WhiteCredit: Nicola White Photography


See the Great Wall of China

Travel Australia

Travel the West coast of America

Travel to Cornwall/Devon

Visit Trevi Fountain in Rome

Visit German markets at Christmas

Make a million pounds…and more

See the Northern lights

Visit Paris


Start a Family

Lose a stone in weight (In one go)

Go on a ghost hunt

Try lobster

Buy a Channel Boy handbag


Grow my Business

Open a physical store(s)

Reach 500,000 on YouTube

Win another Blog award

UK Blog Awards Lifestyle Winner

What’s on your Bucket list? Leave me a comment below with your top 5!