Aroma Diffuser review

I’ve recently purchased an Aroma Diffuser and I am SO in love with it that I just HAD to share it with you all. The reason I made the purchase was because these dry winter nights have been playing havoc with my nose and eyes. I can literally wake up in agony with my eyes in the middle of the night because they are so dry. Not to mention that they are so versatile in terms of scent.

I love Aromatherapy oils and their benefits. I studied Aromatherapy when I was at college and have since loved blending oils to help with specific ailments. My favourite blend is Grapefruit, Geranium and Lime great for detoxing and reducing anxiety. OF course, if you aren’t as clued up with aroma oils and hate the thought of blending your own scents, you can use a pre-blended oil such as this Body Shop Moonflower fragrance oil.

My diffuser is the  AUKEY Aroma Diffuser which holds 500ml of water and has the option to turn on the 7 LED colour changing lights which are oh so pretty. Not only will the diffuser release your delicious custom scent into the air, but it will also release water into the atmosphere which will increase the humidity.

As far as setting go, you have a few different options. You opt to have your diffuser on for 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or just constant. I love the timer option, especially if you might be likely to forget its on. When I put the diffuser in my bedroom and had it on overnight, I selected the ‘on’ option. The first night I was worried it might run out of water, but even though I had it on for around 9 hours, it still had plenty of water left.

You can choose to have the colour changing LED lights on or off. It’s quite surprising how much light it does give off, so having this on in a room when relaxing in the evening would be perfect.

The third option you have is to have the mist on high or low. When you have the mist on high, it will fill the room with water faster making the air moist.

Overall I am really impressed with the diffuser. I love having it on in my kitchen, I put it on for an hour or so here and there which fills my home with a wonderful fragrance. As a lover of filling my home with beautiful scents, it nice to have an alternative option to a candle. Plus the scent will last MUCH longer than a candle will burn. The only negative I found with it was it does make a trickling sound which meant that poor Anthony had a few restless night sleeping because he was fixating on the noise. What I like to do now is turn it on for a few hours before I go to bed which adds moisture into the air and helps with the dryness of my eyes.

Do you have an Aroma diffuser? I’d love to know what you think. What are your favourite scents to use with it?