Where are the Vlogs?

Bella Coco

Earlier this year I started vlogging, you know, the thing where you walk around in public with a camera in your hand and film everything you do. My very first vlog took a lot of guts to put out there. I share a lot of my life, but sharing the ‘everyday’ stuff was very different to sharing the ‘pretty’ stuff. I was really nervous about posting it on YouTube BUT you all were so lovely and supportive and told me how much you enjoyed it. So I made a few more and put them out there. I haven’t done a great deal of Lifestyle content on my YouTube this year, simply because I have been so busy trying to get the store off the gound, so vlogging was a good option for me. I’m fully aware that the majority of people who watch my channel only come for the crochet tutorials and I have asked in the past if my viewers would prefer me to split the content. The last time I asked, the majority said to keep them together, but since the integration of more vlogs I’ve noticed a few more ‘thumbs down’ on those types of videos. Although if you don’t want to watch a video, you can always skip it, but I don’t want to be putting things on my channel that you don’t want to see. SO, this brings me to my NEW channel! A place where I can put all of my vlogs and have a audience who DO want to see them (hopefully!) I’m not sure if I’m going to be putting all of my lifestyle content on here yet (Favourites videos, haul videos) I continue to listen to your feedback over the upcoming months.

I shall be uploading the vlogs every Wednesday showing you the highlights of my week. Here are the first two which you might have missed. Make sure you Subscribe so I don’t feel so lonely over there 🙂 You may also need to ‘opt in’ to get email notifications in your settings.

Leave a me a comment letting me know what kind of content you would like to see on there? If you want me to focus on talking about a certain subject, showing you something in particular? I LOVE hearing form you, so let me know!