Recipe to the perfect Movie night

As the days get shorter and shorter and they temperature gets lower and lower, it’s easy to see why  most of us opt to stay at home rather than venture outside. In fact, nearly 46% of us Brits look forward to snuggling up on the sofa as we approach Christmas. I personally love snuggling on the sofa watching a good film…or two. And apparently I’m not alone research from E.On shows that among 2000 Brits, 4 in 10 of us say that sitting down in from of a film is this daily stress reliever. I’m all for lowering my stress levels (as they can get pretty high sometimes) so I guess I don’t need to feel so guilty for taking a hour or two out and chillin’ on the sofa. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feel this guilt at times, so use this information wisely and know that sitting down and taking that time out is actually good for your health! 😉

So, after having my own Movie night in recently, I wanted to bring to you today the perfect recipe to an awesome film night. Whether it’s just you and your partner, your family and friends or even just you, here are my top tips for creating the ultimate stress-free environment perfect for a Movie marathon.



Cushions and Blankets

Obviously when sitting (or laying) down to with a film for 90 minutes, comfort is of the utmost importance! Cushions…lots of cushions are recommended. I LOVE big cushions when sitting down to watch a film so that I can snuggle into them. You also must have a blanket near by in order to cosy up- you don’t want to get cold.

Where is your favorite place to watch a Movie?



Movie night snacks

Movie night snacks

Movies and snacks just go hand in hand don’t they? BUT nobody wants to be that annoying person who rustles their crisp packets every two minutes, so make sure that you empty out your snack and nibbles into cute bowls or plates. I love creating an array of nibbles on a tray with a little something to quench your thurst. Choose your snacks based on who you are inviting round for your Movie night. Anthony and I love minstrels and chocolate snacks.



Movie night PJ's

I can never understand how people can sit watching TV or a film in jeans or dresses. sitting through a 90-minute film with restricted movement sound like torcher for me. So I recommend Pajamas! YES, there is nothing better than slipping on your PJ’s and getting tucked up on your sofa. Of course, a dressing gown would work just as well too, or any comfy house clothes for that matter. I love cotton fabrics whilst Anthony opts for fleece type bottoms.



Candles and Fairy Lights

Setting the mood with fairy lights and candles makes such a difference. Some people like to watch in total darkness, but I like the gentle glow of the candles and lights to give me that ‘Hygge’ feeling. PLUS…A girls got to be able to find her snacks!



Movie night

Once the prior ingredients are all in place, it’s time to choose your film(s). I love watching Christmas films from about November time as it gets me the festive feeling. Whenever Anthony and I are watching films together, we tend to go for action films or comedies- we love a good giggle. For this Movie night we chose to watch ‘The Night Before’, which was actually my second time watching it- it’s very funny if you are into that type of humour.  If I’m on my own, I love a bit of romance or a Disney film. Some of my favorite films include Top Gun, Tangled and Stardust. During their research E.On asked Brits which Christmas film they would most like to step into for the day. Here were the top eight that were chosen:

It’s a wonderful life

The Holiday

Love Actually


A Christmas Carol

The White Queen



I think my choice would have to be Elf! I’d love to hang around with Buddy for the day. Which one would you choose?

So there you have it, the ingredients to create the perfect Movie night. Tag me in your pictures so I can see your own versions of perfect.

Thanks to E.On for working with me on this post and providing the stats. E.On are now the proud sponsor of Sky Cinema Premier and Sky Cinema Family.

This post contains gifted items so that I could create my own Movie Night.