3 Creative uses for Kilner Jars

I’ve always had a little obsession with glass jars, there’s just something about storing special things in a jar and seeing them sat pretty on a shelf. Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, there are so many inspiring uses for glass jars.

Kilner jars in particular are beautiful. they have a stunning collection which can be used for the most practical purposes without sacrificing the beauty. The most obvious use for Kilner jars is for jams and baking products, but I like t used mine in more creative ways too.

Showcasing your Florals

I LOVE fresh flowers around the house and I think its always nice when they are displayed in an unexpected way. Using this Kilner 1 litre Vintage preserve jar certainly gives it a different spin on a normal vase. Of course, you could add ribbons and things to your jar to give it an extra little touch.

Florals in a Kilner JarFlorals in a Kilner jar

Greeting your guests

When you have house guests, why not greet them with a little package each with a few bits they might need while they are staying with you. I created these two jars using the 1 Litre Kilner preserve jars, one for ‘him’ and one for ‘her’. The jars contain a flannel, deodorant, nail file and shower cream for her and a flannel, deodorant, shower gel, body spray and nail clippers for him. I know a lot of guests will bring their own toiletries but it’s nice to have a ‘just in case’ supply. Why not give the idea a go, you can fill it with personalised products depending on who’s staying.

Guest jars Guest jar for Her Guest jar for Him

Storing handmade Beauty products

Last week I showed you how to create your own lavender bath and shower pods, you can find the post here. You can use your pods (or whatever product you like) and store them in the beautiful jars to brighten up your bathroom. I added a vintage ribbon to my jar and placed the cutest wooden spoon ready for when you want to scoop out your product.

Lavender pods in Kilner jar

What creative ways have you used Kilner jars? I’, so impressed with the quality of these jars and have so many more ideas of how to use them. They are also great for presents: why not fill with cookie ingredients  and attach a recipe, pack full of sweeties for friends with a sweet tooth or even fill with craft supplies for a creative family member.

You can find more ideas for using Kilner jars on their Instagram page @Kilner_UK

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