DIY Lavender Bath & Shower pods

Lavender and Epsom salts

Today I wanted to share with you how you can make these really quick and easy DIY Lavender Bath and Shower pods. Of course, if you aren’t a fan of Lavender, you could substitute it with something you prefer.

What you will need:

Dried Lavender (or your substitute eg. Rose petals)

Epsom salts

Small Organza bags

Measuring Spoon

Mixing bowl

DIY Lavender pods

Lavender pods

Creating these pods is so simple and quick to do. Making it the perfect little DIY to give as a gift or even to put in your own bathroom. You can mix as little or as much as you like. I have separated mine into small pouches, but you could put all of your mixture into a jar and scoop out with a spoon when using in a bath. The pods themselves are great to pop into the floor of a shower as they are in order to release a gentle fragrance of lavender making it a soothing and relaxing shower.

Lavender pods

Regardless of how much you want to make, you want to use the following ratio:

Two parts Epsom salts to One part Lavender

Scoop your mixture into the pods or into a jar….and you are done! See I told you it was easy. I store my pods in a Kilner jar from the vintage collection and added a pretty little bow using lace ribbon.

Lavender pods

Lavender pods in Kilner jar