Inspiration series: Gratitude challenge

Welcome to the inspiration series! I am so happy to be sharing with you tips for working toward your goals over the next few months. I am a true believer in always growing and always achieving, in the words of Ray Kroc ‘When you are green your grow, when you are ripe, you rot’. We are here on this earth to live, love and learn, but sometimes everyday life takes over and we loose track of where we want to go and what we want to achieve. Destiny is determined by direction and when you are focused on what you want, it becomes so much easier to achieve the things you’ve always dreamed of.

When you're green you grow quote

This series is designed to do exactly that! To help you get focused and get on the right path to living and creating an inspired life with the excitement of working towards your goals. To do this, we need to lay down the necessary foundations. With strong foundations we can build solid structures as tall as we want them to be.

The first instalment is the 30 gratitude challenge. In order to aim for more in our lives we must first be grateful for what we already have. This could be the home that you have around you, you family or friends or something even as simple as the flowers in your garden. Whatever it is, feel the gratitude with all of your being and be completely genuine. You may find this difficult at first, but the more you do it, the easier you find it and I guarantee that once you get to the 30th day your pen will be flowing with gratitude.

You can download your FREE 30 day gratitude challenge simply by clicking the image below and printing it out. Make sure you keep it somewhere in plain sight so that you don’t forget to fill it out. I love to do this in the morning as it sets me up with good thoughts for the rest of the day.

30 Day Gratitude challenge printable

 Join us in the Bella Coco lifestyle club to see how everyone is getting along with their journey. I really want  you to focus on this and follow it through the whole 30 days to build those foundations I talked about.

Next in this series I will talk about mastering your thoughts and bringing some top tips from Bree Stedman who is an expert in dealing with emotional confidence for Women.