Yarnspirations have a new home!

You may have seen me post this already if you follow along on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Yarnspiration are making their way to a shiny new home on the Store. Many of you have asked for yarn packs (which my the way is far more complicated to put in to place then you might think) so all of the previous Yarnspirations are now on the store making it easy to browse through. There will new a new colour scheme added every Friday as there was on here.


Once you click on the colour scheme, you will find all of the colours listed below. Then all you have to do is click each colour that you would like to add it to your basket! If you want multiples of the colour, simply add additional when you are in the basket itself.

This means that is you have already got some colours from he colour scheme, you don’t have to buy all of them if you don’t want to- but if you do, it’s all there for you.

I hope you like the new format, I think it makes it more easier to navigate and it looks so pretty. You can fine the new home of the Yarnspirations here.