How to: mixing metals

Firstly, I want to say a quick hello! I’m one of the last to join the contributor party over here at Bella Coco, but as the saying goes – hopefully not least!

My name’s Jenn and I tend to describe myself as a shopping addict, it used to be purely about clothes, then moved to shoes.. now, since buying a house last year, it’s anything and everything!
 Mixing metals
Seriously, it’s got a little out of control! So, I started to write about it, share with you something I had bought, or that as soon as I could, was planning on buying.. and that’s where Cordelia Hearts blog began, people started actually asking me where my clothes were from, companies started contacting to send me something to tell you about… and then boom, I think I became one of those blogger people you hear about 😉
One of the questions I get asked a lot is where my jewellery is from, you see, I wear ALOT of it.. I’ll never forget when I was 17 years old, working at good ol’ Schuh in the square in Nottingham and someone saying to me ‘you wear a lot of utensils don’t you?’ .. yes it was a boy, and yes he meant accessories! but it kind of stuck, and I’ve always been known as someone who wears a lot of jewellery, I wear 7 rings on my left hand everyday, and if I leave the house without them I genuinely feel like I’m missing something.
Mixing Metals mixing metals, should you do it? Well, I’m definitely not hear to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but I’m absolutely here to tell you that I DO. It’s weird, as a kid, I hated gold jewellery, thought it was for ‘old people’ and would wear nothing but silver, onyx or pewter, mixing metals was like a cardinal jewellery sin.. but now, my gosh, I can’t get enough. From my simple gold horn from the Lucy Williams range at Missoma London, or my fat chunky silver rings from bohemian markets in Ibiza, I am most certainly not afraid to bang it all on and mix it up abit.
I wanted to share with you some images taken recently by the lovely Nicola at Nicola White Photography, we had a fab day out and she captured my jewellery perfectly, especially the neck party I had on that day –  my Gold horn necklace and my personalised ‘Jenn’ necklace handmade by my best pal Laura over at Stone + Armour  (shop similar here, the one I’m wearing is coming soon, or you can pre-order on her instagram @stoneandarmour ! 🙂 )
Mixing MetalsMixing MetalsMixing Metals
Oh and another thing, don’t let the whole mixing metals thing scare you in your home either, I just love to see a chrome oven with brass pans on it, the contrast of metals is be-a-uuu-tiful.
However, saying this, there is absolutely nothing wrong to sticking to one metal, but maybe try mixing the     textures, if you like silver, you could mix shiny silver with a matte or hammered finish, it creates dimension and avoids looking monotonous.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and this has inspired you in some way to mix your metals or try a different look, there are sometimes rules, I get that, but if not to mix metals is a rule then this is one that I have definitely broken and will continue to do so!
Love, Jenn @ Cordelia Hearts
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