Crochet Butterfly Pattern


Here is a really cute project of a crochet butterfly pattern that is so quick and easy to do. I made my Butterfly into a cute broach, but you could use these as embellishments for all different projects. You can either follow along via the video tutorial or find the written pattern below:


Pattern written in UK terms (See conversion chart)
Hook size: 4mm
ch = Chain
tc = Treble crochet (US Double)
ss = Slip stitch
Ch 6 and insert hook into first chain and ss to create circle.
Ch 3, tc into centre circle, *ch 2, tc into centre circle* 7 times, ch 2. Insert hook into third chain from the bottom and jin with slip stitch. You should have 8 clusters of 2 treble stitches.
Change colour if desired connecting new colour in treble space.
*6tr into chain 2 space, ss in treble space* 7 times, 6tr into ch 2 space, ss into top of original stitch to connect.
ch 8.
Making the butterfly
Fold the work in half (wrong sides facing) and wrap the chain around the work connecting at the base of the chain with a slip stitch. Tie off.
Take a piece of yarn about 2 inches in length and tie a knot on each end. Slip the yarn under the chain and move into desired place.
You can now sew on a brooch fitting or a safety pin in order to turn into a broach. Or sew on another project!
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