25 Nov 2014

Mini Crochet Christmas Stocking Free pattern

Hi Bellas,

I have recently posted a video tutorial on this cute little Christmas stocking and it's gone down a storm! So here is the written tutorial:

This is in UK terms

ch=          Chain
ss=          Slip stitch
dc=          Double crochet (US Single)
dc2tog=    Double crochet2 together (Single crochet 2 together)
cs=           Cluster stitch (*yarn over, insert, yarnover, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2* 3times, yarn over, pull through)

I have used Stylecraft Special DK in the colour Lipstick and Cream
A 4mm Crochet hook

Foundation: Chain 38

Round one: dc into forth ch from the hook, dc in remaining ch spaces (36 stitches)  

Round two- six: ch2, turn work, dc into each ch space from previous row (36 stitches)  

Round seven: ch2, turn work, dc2tog, dc in next 30 spaces, dc2tog, dc (34 stitches)

Round eight: ch2, turn work, dc2tog, dc in next 28 spaces, dc2tog, dc (32 stitches)

Tie off yarn, turn work and attach yarn in the 7th space from the previous row

Round nine: ch 2, dc into next 19 spaces (20 stitches)

Round ten- eighteen: ch2, turn work, dc in next 19 spaces (20 stitches)

Tie off yarn, attach the cream colour

Round nineteen- twenty two: ch2, turn work, dc in next 19 spaces (20 stitches)

Turn work right sides facing, dc the edges together using the cream yarn (on cream section only) Tie off yarn and continue to connect sides together using the red yarn,
Sew in ends and turn right side out.

Pom pom: Attach yarn towards the from of the stocking, ch6, cl into third ch from hook, ch3, cl into top of last cluster, fold to stitches onto each other and ss together.
Repeat for sec on pom pom- you may with to increase original chain length to make it longer then first pom pom (i.e. chain 9 instead of 6 to begin with)

If you prefer to watch the video tutorial- here it is:

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If you wish to repost this tutorial in any way, please make sure you include a link back to this post or my video tutorial. Thank you :)

23 Nov 2014

Using colour in interiors

Hi Bellas!

Over the years, it's taken me a while to settle into finding my own interior style. If you had asked me a year ago what my style was, I probably would've said that I didn't really have one. But if you asked me now, I would say that I like a mixture of old and new. My colour pallet tends to stay fairly neutral and I used accessories such as cushions, picture frame and candles to add some colour.

My Bedroom
My Kitchen

I have to say, I'm not one to push my boundaries with interior design. I shy away from using bold colours, not because I don't like them, but because I get worried that the vision I have won't be achieved. I do however, LOVE colours. I'm drawn to colours and patterns- they make me happy! So I've been having a little look around the old world wide web to get some inspiration.


*Swoon* I am a big fan of Caitlin Wilson designs and textiles. This for me is the perfect mix of neutrals and pops of colour. The combination of the Bright pink, navy stripe and gold accents works like a charm. Can I see myself going out and buying a bright pink sofa? Erm, no. But, do I love it? Hell yeah!!


Another example of Caitlin Wilson designs. This room again has neutral walls and a whole host of colours here, there and everywhere. Different colours, patterns and textures all mixed together to make a feast for the eyes. It all works amazingly well together and creates a bright and fun workspace.


Salmon and Green? If you had told me that was a colour scheme I would have turned my nose up! However, I love this!! It gives such a fresh, feminine and summery look. The splash of animal print is also a winner for me.


The white furniture against this Coral wall is so effective. It also hosts a gallery wall that has contrasting colours which really makes it pop. I very much doubt that 'Mr A' would appreciate this.....Maybe it's one to consider for my craft room?? 

I don't know about you but this really makes me want to pop down to B&Q and buy lots of paint! ha. I'm going to make a real effort to inject some cloud into my home and be a little more brave. 

Are you daring with colour?? Tag me in your interior pictures on Instagram @bellacoco_ so I can have a nosey!

20 Nov 2014

Will you be my bridesmaid? | Wedding Journal

Hi Bellas!

One of the first things I thought about when it came to planning the wedding! Well actually, I'm not going to lie- I'm a typical woman and had of course thought about this before Anthony popped the question- But it felt a little different when I had to think about it for real!!

Due to getting married abroad, I had to let my bridesmaid know as soon as I could so I could make sure they could make it. I either did this by asking them in person or by text (which is the last thing I wanted to do) Because I had to do it this way, I wanted to do something a bit more special when I asked them officially.

I searched for different ways- some of which were totally amazing, which also meant it would cost a fortune! I decided on making them a card each which mean they could keep it as a memory.

Made the poem for the front and the writing inside using PicMonkey (seriously that site is amazing for things like this!) I mounted them on some card stock and also used my butterfly punch to make the butterfly confetti.

I gave them to each of my bridesmaids and they loved them! It felt so special seeing them open them.

I'd love to know your thoughts!