26 Oct 2014

UK and US crochet conversion chart with abbreviations

Hi Bellas

When I first started crochet, I didn't realise that there are UK terms and US terms. I mean, it seems a little silly that there are different names for different things! I remember when I posted my first crochet tutorial on the granny square and I was flooded with messages saying that I was doing Double crochet and not Treble as I was saying. I have to admit, my heart sunk a little when I thought I had made a HUGE mistake. But, I hadn't (thank goodness!) Turns out- these people were from the US- so there was just a little confusion which is completely understandable.

This is why in my videos, I make a real effort to explain the difference in terms and include this throughout the tutorials. After all, I have a huge number of people watching from the US and I am of course based in the UK.

So below is a chart showing the differences in terms as a reference guide which you may find useful!

UK and US crochet terms conversion and abbreviations
I also want to start making a list of different countries and which ones use which terms. So please leave me a comment stating which country you are from if you use the UK terms or the US terms so I can get started on it!

24 Oct 2014

PicStick photo magnets with discount code!

Hi Bellas!

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a company called PicStick who create magnets from your photos. I have done something similar before and am a sucker for photos so I thought I'd give them a try.

I found their website really easy to use, it was easy to navigate and upload and edit your photo choices. I logged into my Facebook account via the website in order to choose which photos I wanted. Each grid comes with 9 photos measuring 50x65mm and are at the excellent price of £9.50!

I was so impressed with the fast process time. I received my magnets within a few days straight through my door!

The quality of the magnets are good- some seem a little grainy up close but in general they are good quality.

I ordered mine with the intention of using some for my wedding- I thought they would make a unique 'name card' for each persons seats.

I have GREAT NEWS!! If you would like to get your own PicStick magnets, PicStick have given Bella Coco readers 25% off their orders up until 5th November 2014!!

Use code COCO25 at checkout to get your 25% off!

This is a sponsored post, however all views and opinions are my own.

2 Oct 2014

Colour Scheme inspiration: Crochet blanket

Hi Bellas

Here is this weeks crochet blanket colour scheme inspiration. I was asked by a friend to make this as a gift. I love the pink and peach together!

From the outside 'scalloped edge' working inwards, I used the following colours:

  • Cream (1005)
  • Apricot (1026)
  • Fondant (1241)

These are all Stylecraft Special DK which can be purchased form

Don't forget, you can also use code BELLACOCO at checkout when buying Stylecraft Baby DK to receive 10% discount!! Click here to take you to the page!!