29 Aug 2014

Happy Friday!

Hi Bellas!

Happy Friday to you all! I am so ready for the weekend. I don't know if its because the evening as getting a little darker and the weather has been horrid, but I've just felt like all i want to do it hibernate at home in my onesie! Anyone else?

Anyway, just to give you a little giggle on a Friday. Here are the two latest videos I've done with my brothers channel (click here to go see him)

Have a lovely weekend all, What are your plans?

25 Aug 2014

Crochet tutorials- A huge thank you

Hi Bellas,

Over the last few months since I have started posting crochet tutorials on my you tube channel, I have been completely overwhelmed with the response.

When I started my you tube channel at the beginning of the year, I wasn't really sure which way I wanted to go with it. I knew I wanted to do lifestyle posts as well as a few craft tutorials but had nothing specific that I wanted to do. The whole thing was a little scary at first, I felt quite vulnerable and open but I was determined to push my boundaries. I had already done a few videos with my brother on his channel which gave me a glimpse into the wonderful world of you tube.

After doing a few general tags (whats in my bag/20 facts about me) i decided to do a crochet tutorial. I filmed it and then edited it, uploaded it to you tube privately and then umm'd and arrr'd about if I should make it public or not. I didn't really think anyone would be interested in it. BUT....I told myself, just do it!! So I did.

I was so shocked to see a few hundred views, then out of nowhere it had a few thousand views and it just kept growing and growing. I started getting lovely comments and messages from people saying how much it had helped them and it was (and still is) such a nice feeling knowing that people are using my videos to learn a new skill.

I have had so many people send me or tag me in pictures showing me their progress and it really does make me warm and tingly inside (haha....what a cheesy thing to say!! But its true!)

So I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all if you are one of those people who took the time to message me! I also wanted to share a few pictures of peoples projects they have sent me (I hope you don't mind me posting them on here!)

 If you want to show me your pictures on Instagram or twitter, My user name is @bellacoco_ on both. Please Tag me and also use the hashtag #bellacococrochet so I can find them easier! 

You can also find me on google + and Facebook if that is easier for you :)

17 Aug 2014

Stylecraft Baby DK from

Stylecraft Baby DK
Stylecraft Baby DK, a soft and lovely yarn, perfect for crochet (discount code below)

Hi Bellas

I've expressed my love for Stylecraft Special DK in the past, and I was recently given the opportunity to try out another line of the Stylecraft yarn from As I make a lot of baby blankets, I chose to try the Stylecraft Baby DK. It comes in an array of soft baby pastel tones (14 to be exact), perfect for making cute blanket designs. After seeing the colours, I immediately had a an idea of they style of blanket I wanted to make with them.

When receiving the yarn, I was firstly impressed by the packaging. always seem to take pride in how they ship their products to their customers, and this time was no exception. 

Stylecraft Baby DK

The yarn came in these lovely lemon protective bags which is a small touch that goes a long way in my eyes. These bags are also perfect for carrying crochet projects around when you don't want to take your big knitting bag with you, or using to present your new completed projects in when giving as gifts.

As previously mentioned, I knew what project I wanted to make which these colours- A sunburst granny square blanket. I have made these previously and they have always got a good reaction.

I chose to use Baby Cream, Baby Lilac, Baby Mint and Baby lemon to make my blanket.

Stylecraft Baby DK
 Baby Cream & Baby Lilac
Stylecraft Baby DK
Baby Lemon & Baby Mint.

Each ball of yarn is 200g and is 100% Acrylic. As I have been used to using the Special DK I was quite surprised how large each ball of yarn was. The Special DK comes in 100g so these are double the size. They retail at £4.49 which I think is so affordable for such a versatile and high quality product.

The yarn is super soft and easy to work with which makes it prefect for crochet. The picture below is the start of my blanket. The colours complement each other so well don't you think?

Stylecraft Baby DK

I have yet to fully complete my blanket, but I will be sure to post a picture on my Instagram when it is done (make sure you are following on @bellacoco_)

If you would like to make a Sunburst granny square, I have recently posted a video tutorial on my You Tube channel- Bella Coco.

If you would like to try this yarn yourself, then the lovely people at are offering a 10% on the Stylecraft Baby DK especially for Bella Coco readers using the code:


This code is valid for 6months- so please make the most of it :)

I would love to see any projects that you may try using this yarn or any of my tutorials so please tag me on twitter or Instagram on @bellacoco_ and use the hashtag #bellacococrochet

You can also follow Love knitting on:

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Twitter        @Love_knitting
Instagram   @loveknittingcom

You can tag them in your projects too and let them know how very kind they are for giving us a special discount ;)

Have a lovely evening all,