Solid Hexagon Free pattern

Written in UK terms (See the UK to US Conversion chart)
Yarn used: Stylecraft baby DK in Baby, mint, lilac and lemon
Hook size used: 5mm hook

ch- Chain
tr- Treble

You can see the video tutorial below, or click here

To begin: Chain 4, insert hook into the first chain to make a circle

Round 1: Ch3, tr, ch2, *2tr, ch2* 5 times, connect into the 3rd chain from the bottom.

The chain 2 spaces have made the 'Corners'

Round 2: Ch3, tr into the top of stitch, tr in space, *ch2, tr in corner, tr into top of next two stitch, tr into same corner* 5 times, ch2, tr into corner, connect into third chain from the bottom.

Round 3: ch3, tr in next 2stitches, tr in corner, ch2, *tr in corner, tr in next 4 stitches, tr in corner, ch2* 5 times, tr in corner, tr in top on stitch, connect and tie off.

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Baby Steps scratch-off calendar

Baby steps scratch off calendar
Since we got married, I have had the 'Baby' question asked SO MANY times! In fact, people were asking even in the last few months leading up to the wedding. I know it's traditional that once people get married, they then start a family. But, I think times have changed. Yes I'm traditional in the fact that I wanted to be married before we had kids, but we certainly don't want to rush into things. We are quite happy enjoying married life for a while. So please don't think that this post is my subtle way of telling you I'm pregnant....because I'm not! However, when I was given the chance to review this product, I said yes because I know that many of you are either at that point of being ready to start a family or you will be in the near future. So I thought, why no?!
Baby steps scratch off calendar
First impressions of this product were very good. It's just so flipping cute! I am a total geek at heart and I love knowing neardy information. I imagine when we do decide to have a baby I will know the ins and outs of EVERYTHING. So this products ticks two massive boxes for me. 1- It's super cute with it's pastel shades and little baby-fied animals all over it, and 2- It gives you some great facts and trivia (236 in total) in order to guide you through your pregnancy. Not to mention you get to scratch off a box everyday to help you count down to the arrival of your bundle of joy!

Its made by a company called Splash-brands which is a small company based in Germany who pride themselves on developing quality products. Pop along to their Facebook page if you want to know more about them.

Baby steps scratch off calendar
Starting at the bottom of the poster, you work your way to the top. It starts on week 5, after all, most people don't know they are pregnant until 4-5 weeks along. You don't actually start scratching off the chart until week 9, but up to that point, you are given some really handy information about the development of your baby and hints and tips about what you should or shouldn't be doing.
Baby steps scratch off calendar
Baby steps scratch off calendar
Baby steps scratch off calendar
Baby steps scratch off calendar
Baby steps scratch off calendar
The chart also indicates the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester to make it easy to keep up to date with were you are. I think this is excellent for expectant Mums, but it's also really nice for Dad to do as well. I can imagine that pregnancy can be a really strange time for fathers, as nothing much changes for them- other then having to deal with a hormonal partner (ha!) and probably having to do more around the house! So I think having a chart for them to see whats going on step by step is an excellent idea.
Baby steps scratch off calendar
Baby steps scratch off calendar
Baby steps scratch off calendar

I'm really impressed with the quality and detail of this product, it's clear to see that it has had over 18months development on it. I will certainly be keeping hold of it for when we are expecting. So keep an eye time you see it, I might have something to tell you! :) 

Want this product for yourself? You can pop over to Amazon and pick it up for just £12.90! Excellent value for money! 

What do you think? Is it something you would use? Or have you already used it? I would love to get your feedback and ideas of the type of post you would like to see in future on by blog. Leave me a comment below with ideas.

This blog post contains PR samples and affiliate links. The affiliate link allow me to make a small amount from my blog in order to help with the running of the blog

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Lifestyle | Life lately

For me, taking photographs is an essential part of my life. Photographs last a lifetime. I have a terrible memory so I love looking back on them and remembering what things that have happened. Granted, some of the photos on my phone are much prettier then others- but nobody wants to see the boring ones do they?! I love seeing 'Life lately' posts on other blogs, so I thought I would share mine.

Recently I have shared photographs of both my UK and Ibiza wedding. I love looking back on these and, for me, they get better and better each time I look. 

I've enjoyed reading 'The life changing magic of tidying' By Marie Kondo. An excellent book (I shall be sharing some of my work from this in the future)

I've enjoyed shopping for bits and bobs to spruce up my home. We are using our wedding money to buy a new sofa, so I've been looking at ways to update my living room.

Crochet tutorials have continued to go up on my YouTube channel on a regular basis. This photo of my granny ripple blanket is one of my faves!

Every girl should feel like a Princess- and I certainly did on my wedding day.

I got to review the September Treat Box which contained some gorgeous bits and bobs.

The new 'Easy on the Eyes' By Lisa Potter-Dixon from Benefit is an excellent book full of gorgeous Make up looks for the busy girl.

I featured on Asdas 'Mums eye view' Channel with a Home wear haul. One of my favourite projects yet!

Finding a Neom candle at TKmaxx makes me happy. This one smells gorgeous.

More homeward shopping in BHS. This place has some gorgeous things. Especially the Holly Willoughby collection.

My hair is getting longer, and I've been plating around with Plaits and Fish tails.

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Crochet pumpkin pattern

Pattern written in UK terms (See my crochet conversion chart)

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Jaffa and Meadow

Pumpkin measures about 2 1/2 inches in width.

Stitches used:

ss- Slip stitch
dc- Double crochet 
tog- Together

If you prefer to watch the video tutorial you can find it below. (or click here)

For the Pumpkin:

Using orange yarn. Working each round in circles

Foundation: Chain 2

Round 1: 10dc into first chain

Round 2: 2dc into each dc (20 stitches)

Round 3: dc into each stitch 

Round 4: 2dc into each stitch (40 stitches)

Round 5-8: dc into each stitch (40 stitches in each round)

Round 9: dc2tgr (20 stitches)

Round 10: dc in each stitch (20 stitches)

Start stuffing the pumpkin

Round 11: dc2tog (10 stitches)

Further stuff the pumpkin if needed

Round 12: dc2tog (5 stitches) dc into opposite stitch in order to close the hole. Tie off leaving an extra long tail (30cm or more)

Attach a darning need to your end. Tread the needle from the bottom of the pumpkin to the top. Tread the needle from the bottom of the pumpkin to the top again and pull tight on the yarn (this will make your indentations) Continue this 6 times making the spaces even. Tie off.

For the leaves:

Using green yarn

Foundation: Chain 2

Round 1: 8dc into first chain and connect

Round 2: *chain 3, skip a stitch, ss into next stitch* 4 times. Connect and tie off leaving a long end.

Sew onto the pumpkin and hide your ends.

Hope you love the pumpkin! Don't forget to share your projects with me! @bellacoco_ on Twitter and Instagram using #bellacococrochet

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Bobble stitch tutorial

Popcorn Bobble stitch crochet

Pattern written in UK terms (see my UK to US conversion chart)
Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK in Raspberry
Hook size used: 5mm

dc= Double crochet
tc= Treble crochet
Bobble stitch= *Yarn over, insert, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through two* 5 times until you have 6 loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through all loops.

Watch the Video tutorial

To begin, chain your desired length. This should be an odd number plus one for turning

Row one: Dc into the second chain from the hook and then into each chain.

Row two: ch3 and turn work, 4tr tgr, dc into next stitch, *Bobble stitch, dc* to the end of your work, Bobble stitch into last chain space, chain 2 and turn.

Row three: dc into next space and into each ch along the row.

Repeat row two and three until you reach your desired length.

I made mine into a little pouch which could be used as a crochet hook holder or a phone sleeve. I chained 26 to begin with and did 8 pattern repeats. I then folded it in half with right sides facing, sewed along the side and base and then turned right side out.

Popcorn Bobble stitch crochet

Popcorn Bobble stitch crochet

I'd love to see your projects! Send me a picture on Instagram or Twitter @Bellacoco_ using #bellacococrochet

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Our UK Wedding | Bella Coco

Soft pink bouquet | Bella Coco

Our UK wedding was very different to our Ibiza wedding. We actually had to get up early to go and decorate our venue which, to be honest, wasn't the best thing to have to do. Unlike Ibiza, we didn't feel the need to spend the night apart prior to the wedding day. As far as we were concerned, we had already taken our vows together, so this was the Legal bit. The 8th August is a special day to me in particular, it was the day that my Mum and Dad had got married, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate it into our celebrations.

Although we saw each other the morning of the wedding, we went our separate ways to get ready to make our marriage legal. Getting ready was a lot quieter then in Ibiza. Only 2 out of 4 of my bridesmaid were able to make the registry office, plus my flower girl.  My sister was back up in Scotland (where she lives) My friend Becky had to work and she would be joining us in the evening. The 2 Bridesmaids and flower girl were getting ready at their own homes, so it was just me and my mum getting ready together.

Glass charms | Bella Coco
Customised glasses | Bella coco
Wedding hair | Bella Coco Wedding hair and make up  | Bella Coco
Bride getting ready | Bella Coco

Getting ready with my mum was so special. She has truly been my rock, not only in the planning of our wedding but my whole life. She is the most kind and caring person I have ever known. She was there through the laughter, the tears and the stressful times, always there to lend a hand or an ear. I'm so lucky to not only have her as a Mum, but one of my best friends. Obviously the wedding was about Anthony and I making a promise to each other and bringing us closer together, but I also think the wedding and the lead up to it brought a whole new level of closeness with my mum and I. I loved experiencing every step with her.

Bride and Mother of the Bride getting ready | Bella Coco
Bride and Mother of the Bride getting ready | Bella Coco Bride and Mother of the Bride getting ready | Bella Coco
Bride and Bouquet | Bella Coco

When we were ready, my mum set off to the registry office with my Grandma and Brother, while Ian (My Daddy number 2) came down to mine so we could leave together in the Wedding car. We travelled the 15 minute journey to the registry office with a slightly different view from the last time!

Bride and Father of the Bride getting ready | Bella Coco Bride and Father of the Bride getting ready | Bella Coco
Wedding car | Bella Coco
Bride arriving at venue | Bella Coco

When we were originally planning to go to the registry office, we were only going to have our parents, siblings and Grandparents there. But over the period of time when we were putting things into place, it slowly grew and grew. In the end we also had the wedding party and Aunties and Uncles. It was a lovely opportunity to get the people who went to Ibiza back together again.
When I arrived, I had such a lovely surprise. My sister, who I mentioned earlier had managed to get time off and make it down to celebrate with us again. She had also bought her parter who I had not managed to meet until now, who was looking very dapper in his kilt. 

Our UK Wedding | Bella Coco
Our UK Wedding | Bella Coco
Bouquets | Bella Coco
Groom waiting fro bride | Bella Coco

Bride and Groom | Bella Coco
Bride and Groom | Bella Coco

Once we officially tied the knot, we made our way to a local park to have some pictures taken. We incorporated the balloon to represent my dad in the pictures similarly to what we did in Ibiza. After pictures we then made our way to have a bite to eat at a local restaurant which Anthony and I love before making our way to the party we had planned in the evening.

Bride and Groom | Bella Coco
Groom, mint and grey | Bella coco
Bride and groom shoes | Bella Coco
Bride and Groom  | Bella Coco
Bride and Groom  | Bella Coco Bride and Groom  | Bella Coco

The whole day was lovely. It was so nice getting the people who came to Ibiza back together again and Anthony and I felt so lucky that we got to have two special days celebrating our marriage.

wedding sign | Bella Coco
Wedding card box | Bella Coco
Wedding wishing jar | Bella Coco
Wedding photo booth | Bella Coco
Wedding photo booth | Bella Coco
Wedding photo booth | Bella Coco
Wedding photo booth | Bella Coco

Wedding cake | Bella CocoWedding sweet table | Bella Coco
Wedding table decor | Bella Coco
Wedding lanterns | Bella CocoWedding decor | Bella Coco

I really hope you have enjoyed having a look at a few of our wedding pictures. I would like to say a huge thank you to Nicola White Photography for doing an amazing job on both out Pre Wedding Photoshoot and these photos. We are truly thankful for all you have done for us. Make sure you check back soon as I shall be sharing a 'Wedding details' post. I'll talk about any aspect of DIY, telling you where I got things from, and sharing hints and tips.

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