Pre Wedding shoot with Nicola White

Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot

Today is the 17th July 2015, our Wedding day. While this post goes out, we will be in Ibiza getting ourselves ready to say our vows and become Husband and Wife. I will be sharing details of our wedding in the near future, but for now, here are some of pictures from our pre wedding shoot with the amazingly talented Nicola White.

Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot
Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot
Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot
Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot
Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot
Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot
Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot
Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot
Bella Coco | Pre wedding shoot

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It's all getting a little quite....

It's all getting a little quiet.....
said...NOT ME! Well maybe it might be a little blog wise. I don't know if I've mentioned to you all, but I'm getting married?! Have a told you all this yet? haha (hands over eyes monkey emoji!!)

I've been trying very hard to make sure that while I am away for a few weeks I have some content going up on my blog, but forgive me if it goes a little quite for a short while. I have been putting so much pressure on myself to get blog post put together, film videos, schedule things etc, and I thought to my self the other day 'something has got to give!' I know you lovely lot are very supportive and ultimately you will understand...and hopefully you shall all be here when I get back :)

While my mind has been occupied lately with all things wedding, I've also been having so many blog and YouTube ideas which I am excited to get stuck into after our wedding, so rest assured, I'm not going anywhere. 

Make sure you pop back not he 17th July when I shall be sharing some pictures from our pre wedding shoot. I thought it would be quite nice to share these with you on our actual wedding day.

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Wedding planner by Busy B

Planning a wedding can be a daunting thing. I have to admit, one of the most stressful parts for me was the very beginning stages of planning, I literally didn't know where to start. 
When I went to the Stationary show with my brother a few months ago I came across these cute little Busy B wedding planners and seating plans. First of all, the look of them is just adorable, so appealing to brides to be.

The wedding planner is a simple design with everything in that you need to make a note of and really easy to navigate through. It consists of 6 tabs:

Getting started: This section has a twelve month countdown with handy little notes on what you should be planning and taking care of that month. It also has an unfolding calendar so you can see everything in one place- A massive bonus in my eyes!

Guests and Stationary: Here you can write all of your guests names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. It also gives you space to write down when invites were sent, if you have received an RSVP and a check box for thank you notes.

Wardrobe: Here you can write down all of your important measurements for the Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen as well as having space to add your ideas and inspirations.

Wedding day: All the details of your big day can go in here including the venue, food and drink, entertainment, flowers and decorations, photography and videography, transport and the all important honeymoon.

Gifts: Here you can write down your wedding gift list and also ideas for thank you gifts for your wedding party.

Contacts and notes: When planning a wedding, its likely you will have a lot of different names and contact details. This section puts them all in one place for you.

Each section also has a plastic wallet to keep hold on important papers.

The whole planner has obviously had a lot of thought put into it. It is well planned and put together in a logical order to make planning easy and enjoyable. It retails as £21.00.

The table planner or 'seating plan' is also an excellent idea. Starting a table plan can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of guests. The planner comes with two large grids and a handy table template which includes templates for a top table, rectangular and round tables. It has some cute little post it notes for male and females where you can simply write a name on and stick where ever you like. The are like little post it notes so makes it easy to rearrange them if needed. It retails at £6.99.

What do you think? Have any of you used this planner or seating plan? It would make a great present to anyone newly engaged. They also do a cute Bridesmaid planner as well as other things! Go to their website to check them out!

The Wedding planner and seating plan were sent to me as a PR sample. All views and opinions are honest and my own.
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Lolly Rocket Candles

I first came across LOLLYROCKET on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to the pretty packaging and the unique 'sentiment candles' that they also offer. Each candle is 100% handmade consisting of Soy wax and a carefully selected and blended essential oils which gives a strong scent from the moment they are lit, right to the last flame.

If you don't know much about candles, Soy wax is more Eco friendly then that of paraffin candles. When lit, it burns cleaner and doesn't release any toxins into the air. It also has a lower melting point, which means a slower burn rate unlimitedly giving you a longer lasting candle.

If I counted correctly, they have around 42 scents to chose from which are listed on their website each one with a description of what it smells like and what it contains.

The company itself has been going since 2009 and is run by two lovely ladies Michelle and Hayleigh who handmake and check all of their candles themselves in a home in Northamptonshire.

When I received a delivery of Lolly Rocket Candles, I wasn't disappointed. They presentation jars are adorable and the scent is out of this world. The Vanilla buttercream in particular smelling so good I literally wanted to eat it (don't worry I didn't) It's deliciously rich and sweet!

The jars themselves were really good quality and would make a cute addition to any decor. The Vanilla Buttercream is my absolute favourite, but the others are also gorgeous. The other candle is called Blueberry chamomile tea which is a blent of  blend of tart blueberries, white tea, sweet chamomile and just a hint of mint. YUM!

These little soy wax melts are super cute. They come in little star shapes which they recommend to meant two at a time. Black cherry is fruity and rich while Sun kissed linen is fresh and crisp.

The price point for these candles is £8.00 for a 1/2lb candle and £16.00 for a 1lb which I think is such good value for money for the quality of the product you get.

I have teamed up with the lovely ladies of LOLLYROCKET over on Instgram to give away the Blueberry Chamomile Tea candle and the Berry cherry melts so be sure to pop over to my account to see the rules for giveaway (it is an Instagram only giveaway) Hurry, as it will only be open for a few days!


Have any of you tried LOLLYROCKET candles?

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Bridesmaids dresses

It's Wedding Wednesday time again! Today I want to talk about Bridesmaid dresses. There are so many options when it comes to what you want your bridesmaids to wear and it can be a little daunting. Not only daunting because there is so much choice: what length, what colour, all the same or all different, straps or strapless?!...I could go on. Then having to multiply the cost of the dress by your number of bridesmaids can make you feel a little weak at the knees.

I want to share with you some of my favourite looks from around the web.

Same dress different styles bridesmaid dresses
Same colour, different styles. I particularly love the fact that the soft colour of these dresses are also picked up in the bides gown and the greenery int he bouquets look stunning. I think it nice that each bridesmaid can have a dress to suit their shape.

Matching bridesmaid dresses
All matching. This look certainly meets my OCD needs and I think looks stunning. The simplicity of the bouquets agains the dresses looks stunning.

Sequin bridesmaid dresses
Oh my, oh my, I do love a sparkle. Sequins were a no no for my bridesmaids unfortunately. I don't think they would be too comfortable in the Ibizan sun. They do look amazing though!

Short bridesmaid dresses
Short dresses are a winner in hot weather. I do think that there is a fine line between being short and too short though. Just above the knee is short enough in my opinion. 

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses
Mismatching bridesmaids. Although I think this looks lovely, it gives me slight anxiety. I would NEVER be able to choose this look for my wedding. It just doesn't reflect my personality at all. However, this look has been very well put together and they have totally pulled it off.

What look if your favourite?

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Zoomigurumi 4 Book Review

Zoomigurumi 4 Willam the worm

Amigurumi is something that I have never much go into. I have previously made some cute bunnies but that's about all I have done in the past. It's not that I haven't done much of it because I don't like it, because I do love to sit and make cute little projects like this. I think it's more so because I like patterns that I can just repeat without putting much thought into it. 

When I got an email asking if I would like to review Zoomigurumi 4 I actually jumped at the chance. I love to push myself when it comes to crochet and try new things and the look of these cute makes was just too good to refuse.

Zoomigurumi 4

When the book arrived, I sat and looked through all of the projects and I literally wanted to make each and every one. As the name suggests, all of the projects in the book are indeed animals, and my goodness are they cute?!! There are 15 projects in total as well as the book including some basic crochet instructions.

It was a real struggle to chose one to do first, but finally I narrowed it down to this little fella! Meet William.....

Zoomigurumi 4 Willam the worm
Zoomigurumi 4 Willam the worm

He's a hungry little thing with and managed to much his way through this huge apple! I can honestly say I LOVED making this. The pattern itself wasn't too difficult. Although I have to say I am not the biggest fan of working in the round! The use of stitch markers made this project a lot easier. When I first started crochet, I hadn't ever heard of stitch markers and made things so much more difficult for myself endlessly counting rows and stitches.

The pattern only had one section where it look me a little while to figure out exactly what it meant. This was the section where you had to add a 'Tunnel' into the middle of the apple for William to worm his way through. BUT I got there in the end and I found the rest of the pattern really easy to follow along. The book is written in US terms so translation to UK would be needed as you went along.

There are so many other projects in the book which I now what to try such as Zeno The Bumble-Bee and Emily the Elephant.

Zoomigurumi 4 Zeno The Bumble-Bee
Zoomigurumi 4 Emily The Elephant

I love the fact that all the projects have an name. I think it instantly gives each one a special character. William the worm had definitely settled into our home and is now a part of the family. 

As well as this addition, there are also Zoomugurumi 1, 2, 3!

Have any of your tried any projects from this book or any other others? I'd love to see them! 

Send your pictures to me on Twitter and Instagram @Bellacoco_ using the tag #bellacococrochet

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