24 Apr 2014

Bedroom Curtains and Cushions

Hi Bellas,

Yesterday was the last day of my Easter break (oh how lovely that was!) and I decided to spend it using my sewing machine. If you read my Bedroom decor reveal post, you may remember me mentioning that I wanted some curtains to match my wallpaper. Laura Ashely curtains are made to measure- thus being very expensive, so after seeing the Fabric I needed in the half price sale (£22 down a metre from £44) I decided I would make them myself!! 

I have to say, it was both exciting and nerve wracking. I had never made curtains before, plus, with the fabric working out fairly pricey (even wight the discount) I wanted to make sure I got it right first time! I had been putting if off for a few weeks but built up enough courage to actually do it. I had the full day to dedicate to it.

I had already watched a few You Tube tutorials and read a few blog tutorials, so I had a cuppa in the morning, went over my plan again and got to work. It did take me most of the day, but I took my time and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. Are they perfect? Certainly not- but I can be super chuffed with myself that I made them all by myself.

The cushions were so easy to make. I have put together a little tutorial for you, so make sure you check back tomorrow for that :)

22 Apr 2014

5 High street favourites: Geometric Cushions

Hi Bellas!

I am falling more and more in love with geometric prints. They seem to be so popular across the pond in the US, but here in the UK, we don't really seem to have many on the market! BUT I do think they are slowly starting to creep through....Hurrah!!

So, I've had a little wonder through the world wide web and found my 5 favourite geometric print cushions. And the best thing is- they are all under £12!! .......Your welcome ;)

1. Monocrome Chevron cushion, £10 from Tesco
2. Cotton cushion cover, £7.99 from H&M
3. Diamond Cushion, £10.00 from Tesco
4. Cotton cushion cover- Lemon, £3.99 from H&M (also comes in other gorgeous colours!!)
5. Diagonal Cruell Cushion, £12.00 from Matalan

What do you think? Are you a fan of geometric prints?

21 Apr 2014

My Filofax set up

Want to have a nosey in my Filofax?! Check out my new video 'My Filofax set up' over on You Tube. Don't forget to subscribe while you are there to keep up to date with any new videos! :)