27 Sep 2014

Crochet | Chevron blanket tutorial

Hi Bellas,

Here you will find the written version of the granny ripple/Chevron blanket I have posed on YouTube (click here to see the video). You may find it handy to work from once you have grasped the pattern. You may not even need it at all once you have done a few rows because quite frankly, this blanket is easy peasy- even though it looks a little more difficult (but shhhhh we won't tell anyone that will we!)

This pattern is written in UK terms throughout (for US terms please used the conversion chart)

Ch   = Chain
Tr    = Treble crochet (US Double crochet)
Sl st = Slip stitch

Use the appropriate hook size for your yarn- details of this can be found on your yarn cover/label.

Foundation chain

Begin by working out how wide you want your blanket to be. You will need to work in multiples of 18. On my sample piece I have chained 36 (18x2) and added an extra 6- So 42 in total. 

If you are making a baby blanket, I recommend chaining 108 then adding 6 for turning- So 114 in total. But this is totally up to you!

Round one

Working in the 6th chain from the hook (do not include the loop on your hook) insert 3 Tr into that chain space.

Skip two chain spaces and do 3 tr into the third chain space. Skip two chains again and insert 3 tr into the third chain space- you will end up with three clusters of treble crochets. (pictured below)

Now will will work our 'trough'. Skip five chain spaces and work 3 tr into the sixth chain space.

Skip two chain spaces and do 3 tr into the third chain space. Skip two chain again and insert 3 tr into the third chain space. (pictured below)

Now we will work our 'Peak'

Chain 3 and insert another 3tr into the same chain space.

Continue to work down to your 'trough' in the same way. Follow the diagram below and chain 5 at the end and turn your work.

Round two

When you turn your work, you will now be working within the spaces (between the clusters of trebles) from here on out. Follow the diagram below.

After this round, you can choose to change colours or continue with the same colour. The choice is yours! all you need to do is follow the same instructions.

I hope these written instructions and diagrams help!

Don't forget to let me see your progress! 
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25 Sep 2014

Colour Scheme Inspiration: Crochet blanket

Hi Bellas!

I wanted to share with you another blanket that I have made in the past. This blanket was again made as a gift for a friend. I was so pleased with the outcome of this one. I love all the colours together.

Starting from the boarder which is a 'Scalloped edge' and working inwards, I used:

  • Cream (1005)
  • Aspen (1422)
  • Bright pink (1435)
  • Aster (1003)
  • Fondant (1241)
  • Spring Green (1316)
These are all Stylecraft Special DK which can be purchased form

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21 Sep 2014

My trip to London

Hi Bellas,

You may have seen me mention that I took a trip to London this week. I haven't been to London for years! In fact, i think the last time I properly went to London (without just passing through) was at school! Oh the shame! Its somewhere i defiantly need to explore.

This week, I didn't go for sight seeing. I was invited by style at home magazine to take part in the stylist trees challenge. I was lucky enough for my boss to let me have the time off work- so I jumped at the chance to go.

I was a little nervous I have to say. I'm not really sure why to be honest- I think it was just because I wasn't sure what to expect. I went down on the train Tuesday afternoon and arrived in London at 4pm. I was met by Emily, a member of the Style at home team and she instantly put me at ease. We had a quick drink while we waited for another stylist to arrive and Emily told me a little more about what I should expect.

We made our way to the hotel- which was amazing. Really modern! The rooms were small but really well done out. They had amazing features like a Samsung galaxy tab which controlled the TV, the room temperature and the lighting!

The shower had LED lighting which changed al different colours at the touch of a button. We had about half an hour in our room before leaving again to go for something to eat. I spent most of that time plating with the lights and Face-timing my family and friends showing them the room! lol

The meal we had was lovely! I went for a Peking duck mini wrap to start and a steak for main. We al found it quite funny that my cutter for my wrap was so large compared the the wrap itself. I was far too full to have pudding.

The next day, we made our way to the house that we were doing the photo shoot in. Each of us were assigned a company to work with. I was working with Dunelm Mill, which was brilliant because i love Dunelm!

We got to work opening up the boxes that had been sent and setting up the area ready for the photos. There was lots of 'oooohhhh-ing' and 'aaahhhh-ing' on my part as I got all the lovely decorations out from the boxes. Everything was beautiful.

I can't obviously show you the finished result- you will have to but the December issuer for that ;) but I can show you a few sneak peeks!

Table wreath from Dunelm Mill

Christmas decorations from Dunelm Mill

Christmas decorations from Dunelm Mill

I felt very Christmassy by the end of the day and I'm sooooo looking forward to the festive season now! I really enjoyed my little trip to London, it was such a good experience and I would love to do it again sometime!!