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20 Apr 2014

Storage box revamp

Hi Bellas!

Sometimes simple things can be very effective! I'm currently working my way around my home organising and pergeing! I have an unhealthy obsession for buying or keeping anything that I can store things in- only to then have a huge pile of boxes and containers being unused! I was recently clearing out my craft room and I came across this old Ikea storage tin. It had been well used but I couldn't bare throwing it out when I could put it to good use! So I decided to spruce it up a little!

Step one- Take your box and selected paper.

Step two- Draw around you tin onto the selected paper. Cut out- making it slightly smaller so that it slides inside and fits into the base.

Step three- Spray the base of the box with spray adhesive. Be careful that you are only spraying in the box! You may also want to open a window as this stuff is strong!!

Step four- Place your paper cut out into the box and gently press it into place.

Step five- Enjoy your revamped box!

So simple and yet very effective! I've used this box to store all my decorative papers and stickers for my filofax. They fit perfectly into here!

18 Apr 2014

Happy Friday!

Hi Bellas!

It's Friday again- and an extra special one. It's good Friday which means it's a Bank Holiday! wahoo.

I plan on spending my day in the garden (got to make the most of this sunshine!) and maybe organising a few things around the house.

Hope you all have a lovely day what ever you decide to do!

12 Apr 2014

Easter home decor

Hi Bellas

On Wednesday I break up for Easter for a week and I seriously cannot wait!! I don't usually decorate my house for Easter because we don't have Children yet and I don't think Anthony would particularly appreciate it. But this year I wanted to add a few little bits and bobs to to satisfy my creative needs.

I made these Easter bunny jars a few weeks ago and have now filled them with sweet treats ready to give as gifts. I made the Easter inspired floral display by putting the flowers into an old jar and placing it into the large vase. I filled around the jar with Mini eggs and then topped it off with the glass cubes in order to hide the inner jar (and keep me from pinching the mini eggs lol)

How will you decorate for Easter?