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If you didn't know already, we are getting married in Ibiza! It has always been our dream to get married aboard, we have thought about many places over the years, Florida, Cyprus, Mexico and Italy. But when it came to planning, we wanted to find somewhere which wasn't too far away. Many of our guests have children, so going long haul wasn't really an option. With Ibiza only being a short flight away, it seemed like a great option. It means that people can come out for a few days if they wanted to too!

Today I bring you a guest post from my wedding planner Candida where she offers her top tips for planning a wedding in Ibiza

1. First of all don’t forget it is YOUR DAY, BRIDE AND GROOM! 

As much as you want every one to enjoy every minute don’t lose touch with the priority of the day , which is to celebrate your love for each other.

2Choose a venue that is suitable for your wedding party size

There is nothing worse than a small party feeling lost in a massive venue or vice a versa.If your having lots of kiddies coming to your wedding make sure it is child friendly, i.e. not on an open cliff top, or unfenced.

3. Remember the temperature here is very different to home !!  

Late afternoon ceremonies are advisable when the heat is a little more comfortable and the light too, is far more flattering for those all important photos .Try to remember to drink plenty of water while you are  getting ready as pre wedding nerves, heat and too much champagne before you get to the ceremony could spoil your day.

4. Keep décor and extras as simple as possible

Don’t complicate your life and pre planning with thousands of ideas, LESS is always more and the natural  beauty of IBIZA, the sunset the ambiance and the wonderful selection of venues here, need very little help to be naturally beautiful. Of course you want your day to be unique so create  some  personal  touches, with your menus, tables plan, name cards etc. Creating a colour scheme and  wedding theme to coordinate the look .

5. Bridal bouquet

Remember all flowers here are flown in from the mainland so do make sure you order your flowers in time with a reputable florist. Choose flowers which hold their shape well in the heat too, Roses being some of the hardiest flowers surprisingly, orchids and gerberas being more fragile.

6. Menus

Once again remember you are in a warm Mediterranean country, so keep the menu as light as possible and its always nice to add some local cuisine to the menu for your guests to sample the true flavours of the island. Make sure you have asked guests too for any dietary needs such as allergies, vegetarians etc before the day so the venue can prepare special menus for them in advance.

7. Cake 

So often I see wedding cake left over at the end of the reception and its such a shame! Cup cakes have saved the day a bit  now as guest can of course taken one away with them, but the new FUN CANDY TABLES are a great success, serving as a dessert, including a smaller cake for you to cut and photograph, and then lots of sweeties and treats that can be eaten through the evening which are fab for those late night party munchies !

8. Kiddies

If you’re having kiddies at your wedding then make sure you have thought a little about looking after them! child’s menus, kiddies entertainers, baby sitters , bouncy castle hire, activity tables are all good ideas  to keep them and their parents happy !


As you’re in IBIZA your party has to be extra specially good!! Music can make or break an event as can lighting and the quality of the sound equipment so make sure you use an experienced light , sound and DJ company .Discuss the music you and your wedding party like AND what you don’t like so the DJ gets a real feel of the ambiance you wish to create  .

10.….and as every good party

has to come to an end , remember here in IBIZA you can't pre book taxis (only to the airport for flights) so make sure you have organised transport for you and your guests . Make sure you you  book a reputable licensed coach/transport company offering fully insured and safe travel! For the real party animals out there you can of course leave the wedding venue and go on to one of the clubs to continue the party , so make sure you know the best place to go for the day of the week your celebrating!

Thanks so much Candi for your hints and tips! Now I'm off to plan some more!! Are any of you planning a wedding abroad? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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The Hanging Lantern Company | Wedding Journal

Pastel lanterns | The Hanging Lantern Company

I remember getting some inspiration from across the web and stumbling across some images from The Hanging Lantern company. I instantly fell in LOVE! The effect of these lanterns hanging from the ceiling was simply amazing! They completely took the look of these wedding to a new level. When we were planning where we were going to have our UK reception, we toyed with the idea of having a marquee. In fact, I think I pretty much wanted a marquee JUST to have these lanterns! lol But then I realised that they weren't just for marquees! They could be used in a variety of location! BONUS!

So we ended up booking somewhere very close to our home! It's a big room- So we will be needing a fair amount of lanterns! But it will look Amazing I'm sure! The team at The hanging Lantern company are so helpful. There was a moment of panic when I thought we were going to be unable to have them- but Aimee soon put me at ease and offered me solutions of how to get round lack of fitting etc!

March is a busy time of year for the hanging lantern company with a lot of brides starting to put plans into place for their special days. As well as having a website, They also have a showroom in East Sussex which is perfect for going to have a look at Colours and sizes of the lanterns. The team spend time with each person discussing options and putting different combinations to create the perfect look which is unique to that individuals wedding.

You can either fit them yourself with help and guidance from them, or alternatively you can use their professional installation service so you can sit back and relax on your big day!

At this time of year, with spring in the air, pastel shades are popular- and it's easy to see why! The effects are simply stunning.

Pastel lanterns | The Hanging Lantern Company

After introducing the Laser cut lantern range around 10 months ago, they have also seen a rise in popularity of these. Vintage style weddings seem be be hugely popular at the moment, so the birdcage and bunting (in floral, butterfly and lovebird options) are a big hit!

Bird Cage lanterns | The Hanging Lantern Company
Bird Cage lanterns | The Hanging Lantern Company

I also love the look of the paper pom poms! I think a mixture of the pompoms combined with the round lanterns would look stunning!

Paper pom poms | The Hanging Lantern Company
Paper pom poms | The Hanging Lantern Company

I can't cope with all this deliciousness! They are just so gorgeous! If you want to see more pictures of their lanterns available, pop over to their Website, or they are also on Facebook and Pinterest offering a constant source of inspiration!

Have any of you had these for your wedding? I'd LOVE to see! tag me @Bellacoco_ and #bellacoco so I can see your pictures!

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5 ways to refresh your life for spring

A picture of tulips at springtime

Spring is my favourite time of year, a time of new life and new beginnings. Days get lighter and longer, the air smells fresher. I love waking up to birdsong. It's a time when many like to look at their lives and start a new after a long winter. So here are a few tips on how to refresh your life this spring/summer.

1. Clean out your handbag

If your anything like me, your handbag can become a bit of a dumping ground as the weeks go by. Empty your handbag, throw away any receipts/ papers that may have gotten stuffed in there. Take out anything that isn't necessary. For some reason, I always end up with about 5 perfumes in my handbag! why? I have no idea. lol (Missed my what's in my bag video?)

This may also be a good time to buy a NEW handbag- a girl can never have too many right?

2. Update your diary

Kikki K planner in mint

Staying organised is so important. I have many things going on in my life and I am a true list maker. I have a list for just about anything. Writing things down and planning can make your life easier and makes you much more productive. 

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives 
you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!” Brian Tracy

I recently bought this Mint Kikki-K planner which I LOVE! I love prettying up my planner with stickers, papers clips and just general cuteness! I'm a bit a huge stationary geek! I think if you put effort into making your planner pretty, your more inclined to use it!

Kikki K planner in mint
Le Pen and paperclips
LOVE paperclips

3. Update your decor

The cheapest way to change your decor is to swap out scatter cushions and change wall prints. Simple things can make a big difference. Its also a good idea to have a little shuffle round of your furniture, or even just your knick-knacks! It's amazing the difference it can make.

4. Deep spring clean

I couldn't have this list without putting the obvious. Spring is the perfect time to give your home a deep clean. Most people will keep on top of the day to day and weekly chores. But there are a few things that don't need doing quite so often, such as:

  • Clean your windows and frames from the inside
  • Empty kitchen cupboards and wipe down. This is a great opportunity to chuck out any out of date items and rearrange items as needed.
  • Empty your laundry cupboard and give it a good clean- add some air freshers to keep it smelling fresh. You could even buy some new storage to give it a new lease of life
  • Hire a carpet cleaner and freshen up your carpets
Febreze Vanilla Spring Collection

I have always been a fan of febreze and recently I saw this new scent 'vanilla'. I immediately put it in my basket as vanilla is my favourite scent, and OH MY! it's delightful  I seriously recommend it. I will be stocking up on this one as I think it may be limited addition.

5. Set some spring/summer goals

Spring/ summer goals

I am a HUGE goal setter. I believe that we should always be striving to be/do better and setting goals is a great way to do this. Set yourself 5 goals to work towards- you can always add more once you have completed them. I like to choose one for work, finance, lifestyle, health/relationships and home.

Do you have any Springtime lifestyle tips? If so, I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment below :)

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DIY Wedding: A wedding abroad | Bella Coco

Lavinia and Saravanan

My last DIY wedding post from the gorgeous Karen went down a storm! I still have more weddings to share with your over the coming months. I find this next DIY wedding particularly interesting as it is a destination wedding with a reception back in the UK which is what we are doing as well. I fell in love with Lavinias wedding photos. As I sat there looking through the images (multiple times!), the prettiness of their day brought tears to my eyes, and also made me majorly excited for our upcoming wedding. Eeekk. Credit to Anushe Low - your work is quite simply stunning.

Stunning bride Lavinia

It's my pleasure to introduce to you Lavinia, the stunning bride and her beautiful wedding where she shares what DIY projects that she and her partner husband Saravanan created for the special day.

Where to begin? Sav and I have been together for 11 years so having a big party for our family was a must. Love has no religion, we are a testament to that as he is Hindu and I am Catholic. So we got married in July 2013 (twice!) and now live happily ever after (most of the time) with our little girl and a puppy! I recently joined the blogging world ( so was thrilled to be picked to feature on one of my favourite blogs!

Planning an interfaith affair was quite the task and one we couldn't have done without our family and friends! We had a Catholic wedding abroad in Italy for our nearest and dearest and a big Hindu wedding and reception in the UK. 

I'd like to think I am quite a creative person so vintage inspired DIY weddings have always appealed to me! After many hours of trawling through Style Me Pretty, my absolute favourite wedding blog and Pinterest, it was clear that this was the style I wanted! So I got to work to create our own little accents to have at our wedding.

It was definitely a labour of love as we had so many projects going which I'm excited to share here. Hope you all enjoy! 

The Italian Catholic wedding

We used to help create a wedding website ( which was a fun way to keep our guests updated on the events and share our story! 

We picked a beautiful church and castle in Florence to get married in and wanted invites to match the rustic feel. So we designed and printed our own at home and although a long process, we were pleased with the results! 

We made our invitations at home - designed and printed them.

DIY Wedding- Invitations

My favourite DIY was a cork board table plan. So I purchased lots of wine corks and glue gunned them to a cardboard backing. Put it inside a vintage looking frame and then pinned the different table names and details to it that I hand wrote! 

DIY Wedding- Cork board table plan
DIY Wedding- Cork board table plan

I have a thing for vintage keys so for escort cards, I wrote every guests name on a label, attached a vintage key and used peach and lace ribbon to hang them on the tree in the courtyard of the castle. This was a fun way for people to find where they were sitting!

DIY Wedding- Escort cards
DIY Wedding- Escort cards

Finally my husband is a big foodie and Italian cuisine is a favourite of ours so this had to feature in our wedding favours. We bought little bottles and spent hours filling them in our little Italian hotel room with the best locally bought Balsamic vinegar and olive oil we have ever tasted! Completed these with a sprig of rosemary and a little note to say many thanks or 'Grazie Mille' 

DIY Wedding- Favours
DIY Wedding- Favours
Wedding reception

A few more pictures from Italy!

For our reception at Northbrook park in Farmham, Surrey

One of my favourite DIYs was our homemade jam. Giving new meaning to the term 'fam jam' we had a mammoth jam making session with a our family and bottled these in cute little jars we bought online. We topped them with pretty vintage fabric and twine and home designed and printed labels. 

DIY Wedding- Favours
DIY Wedding- Favours
DIY Wedding- Favours
DIY Wedding- Favours

We made a fun signpost from scrap wood that we painted to show some of the places our guests were from. 

DIY Wedding- Sign post

We had a Photobooth area with some props, frames and an instax camera! I left a frame which I stapled ribbon across and heart shaped pegs for people to hang their photos too as a guestbook - these are now in my wedding scrapbook pile! 

DIY Wedding- Photo booth
DIY Wedding- Photo booth

Finally something for the kids! We had a fair few gorgeous little ones running around and I wanted to give them something fun to do during the meal. So I made these little packs to go on their charger plates! They had some crayons, sweeties, stickers and a note asking them to make us a wedding card - these are the sweetest of all the ones I've kept!

Phew! Having three events was a feat only possible thanks to the help of our families and although I'm not sure I would repeat it, I wouldn't change our day(s) for the world! 

We are especially grateful to Anushé Low, our fantastic wedding photographer who told our story so perfectly and has given us lasting memories of our special day x 

This wedding is so inspiring. I love the attention to detail that they went to and both days look absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Lavinia for sharing your special day(s) with us! Want to see more from Lavinia? Don't forget she has a blog!!

If you would like to take part in the DIY Wedding series, please email me at I'd love to see your ideas.

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Crochet Tea Cosy Pattern

Fancy making a tea cosy? I've had a HUGE amount of cyber love for this tea cosy tutorial. And with Mothers Day just around the corner...I think it's the perfect gift! The video tutorial is up on my You Tube channel, but I shall embed it below for you.

And for those of you who prefer to work from a written pattern, or your making it again and don't need to follow along step by step, here is the written pattern.

Written in UK terms

I have used: 
Styelcraft Special DK in Parchment and Pale rose/ Parchement and Apricot
4.5mm crochet hook

I used a 6 cup tea pot from Tesco If you use a different style tea pot, you may need to adapt the pattern.

Chain stitch (ch)
Yarn over, pull through

Cluster stitch (cs) 
Yarn over, insert, yarn over pull through, yarn over pull through two loops (2 loops on the hook). Yarn over, insert, yarn over pull through, yarn over pull through two loops (3 loops on the hook) Yarn over, insert, yarn over pull through, yarn over pull through two loops (4 loops on the hook) Yarn over, pull through all four loops on the hook.

Slip stitch (ss)
Insert hook, yarn over pull through, pull through remaining loop on the hook

Double crochet (dc) US single crochet
Insert hook, yarn over pull through, yarn over pull through all loops on the hook. 

Space (sp)

Repeat anything between *'s for the recommended time

ch4 and join to make a circle

Round 1: ch3, *cl, ch2* 5times, join 5 clusters

Round 2: ch3, *cl, ch2, cl in same sp, ch2* 5 times, join. 10 clusters

Round 3: ch3, *cl, ch3, cl in same sp, ch2* 10 times, join 20 clusters 

Round 4: ch5, cl in next sp, *ch2, cl* 18times, ch2, cl in remaining sp, ss into top of the ch3. Tie off. 20 clusters

You will now start working the handle space

Round 5: ch5 in a sp, cl in next sp, *ch2, cl* 17 times, ch5, ss into next ch sp. Tie off. 18 clusters

Round 6: Connect yarn in the first sp of the last round. ch3, cl in same sp, ch2, *cl, ch2* 7 times. cl, ch2 and cl in same sp, ch2, cl, ch2, cl in same space, *ch2, cl* 9 times. ch3, ss into same sp. Tie off. 21 clusters

Round 7: connect yarn between the ch3 and cl of the last round. ch5, *cl, ch2, cl, ch2 and cl in same sp* 3 times, cl, ch2 and cl in same sp, ch2, cl, ch3 ss into same sp. Tie off. 12 clusters

We will now create the gap for the spout as well as the handle

Round 7 continued: Attach yarn into the sp after the two double clusters `(you will have skipped 3 sps) ch3, cl in same sp, ch2 *cl, ch2 and cl into same sp, ch2, cl, ch2* 4 times. Ch3 and ss between the cl and ch3 of the previous round. Tie off. 13 clusters

Round 8: Connect yarn in the first sp of the last round, ch3 and cl in first sp, *ch2, cl* to the end, ch5 and ss into the cl and ch3 sp from the last round. 12 clusters

Round 8 continued: Attach to other side of spout between ch3 and cl stitch, ch5 , cl, *ch2, cl* to the end, ch3 and ss into the same space. Tie off. 13 clusters

Round 9: Change colour, connect yarn between the ch3 and cl of the last round. ch4, cl in next sp, *ch1, cl* all the way to the end, ch3 join at base. Tie off. 12 clusters

Round 9 continued: Attach to other side of spout in the first sp of the last round, ch3, cl in same sp, *ch1, cl*, all the way to the end, ch4 and ss between the cl and ch3 space of previous round. Tie off. 13 clusters

Round 10: Connect yarn in the first space of the last round. ch 3, cluster in same space, *ch 1, cluster* all the way to the end, ch4, ss into the cluster and chain 3 space from previous row. Tie off. 12 clusters

Round 10 continued: Attach to other side of spout between ch3 and cl stitch. ch4, cl into next stitch, *ch1, cl* all the way to the end, ch3 and ss into same sp. Tie off. 13 clusters

Round 11: Change back to main colour, connect yarn between the ch3 and cl of the last round. ch3, cl in same space, *ch1, cl* 12 times. ch6 and cl into the fist sp of the opposite side (to attached) *ch1, cl* all the way to the end, ch3 and ss into the same sp. Tie off. 27 clusters

Round 12: Connect yarn between the ch3 and cl of the last round. dc into ch sp and one into the cl stitch until you reach ch6 from previous round. 4dc around the ch6 and continue with dc into cl and ch sp all the way around. Tie off.

Sew in ends

Create pom pom and attach to the top off the tea cosy.

Attach button

Hope you enjoyed making this! Don't forget to tag me on Twitter or Instagram on @Bellacoco_ using #bellacococrochet

I can't wait to see your projects!

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