Our Ibiza Wedding

Sarah-Jayne and Anthony Cas Mila | Bella Coco

It took Anthony and I 11 years and 22 days to reach this day, and what a truly amazing day it was! From beginning to end, I can honestly say it was the best day of my life and I have never seen Anthony so happy (and emotional). The feeling of love and support was immeasurable and we couldn't have taken our vows in a more beautiful setting.

We had never actually been to Ibiza before, but we were recommended by a friend of mine. After a little research, I came across Cas Mila which is in Cala Torida. It's a restaurant just up from the beach overlooking the sea with magnificent views of the sunset.

We had been in Ibiza for 6 days before the wedding. This gave us chance to relax, greet our family and friends who were arriving on different days, go to the venue to make final arrangements and generally have a good time! The days leading up to the wedding were amazing. We had a mini stag and mini hen do a few days before the big day. Anthony went out with all the guys while I met up with the girls and they took me to a lovely restaurant called Bambuddha and then went out for drinks after.

The night before the wedding, Anthony and I slept in different rooms so that we wouldn't see each other on the morning of the wedding. I slept surprising well (after I made my mum help me try my dress on in order to make sure it still fitted lol) and woke up feeling refreshed.

Us girls went down for a leisurely breakfast and then I had an hour alone in my room to gather my thoughts and prepare the room for us all getting ready. Meanwhile, Anthony and the groomsmen went to play golf to help him relax.

I had got everyone a Robe and put together a little bag filled with a personalised champagne glass, gift and a letter to each of the girls.

Bridesmaids gowns | Bella Coco
Handmade Bridesmaids bouquet | Bella Coco
Bridal party gowns | Bella Coco
Handmade bouquet | Bella Coco
Justin Alexander dress | Bella Coco
Justin Alexander dress | Bella Coco

We didn't get married until 6.30 in the evening. All of the guest and the wedding party made their way to the venue on a coach whilst my mum, Ian (My daddy number 2) and I stayed behind to finish getting ready. It was a lovely chance to sit with my parents and take it all in. We made our way to the venue in a lovely air conditioned car! We were all so very thankful for that, it was such a hot day- even with it being 6pm. On arrival at Cas Mila, the organisers sneaked me up to the rooftop and I had some pictures with my Bridesmaids and Step Dad.

Cas Mila Wedding | Bella Coco
Coral Bridesmaids | Bella Coco
Cas Mila Wedding | Bella Coco

As some of you may know, I lost my Dad when I was 9 years old. He has very much been in my heart for all of these years and I wanted to make sure that I could include him in different ways throughout our celebrations. My Step Dad (I'm not keen on that term!) Ian has always been so understanding and very respectful of honouring the memory of my Dad. He raised me through my teens and always guides me through life, helping and supporting me in everything that I do. I was so honoured to have him walk me down the aisle. He is such an amazing man. Not many would be able to step into the shoes of another man with the dignity and respect that he has. Ian wore my Dads wedding ring pinned to the inside of his waistcoat. I also held a single white balloon as we walked down the aisle in order to symbolise him.

Tribute to Father | Bella Coco
Tribute to Father | Bella Coco

I walked down the aisle to 'A Thousand years' by The Piano Guys. It is the most amazing piece of music which was made even more magical by the gorgeous surroundings. We were on a balcony which was part of Cas Mila restaurant which had the most gorgeous view of the sea.

Cas Mila Wedding view | Bella Coco
Cas Mila Wedding view | Bella Coco

As I walked down the stairs, I saw Anthony for the very first time that day. I will never forget his face. He looked at me with his gorgeous baby blues and gave me a wink. I've only ever seen Anthony cry once in the 11 years that we had been together, so it took my back to see him so emotional during this magical day. During our vows, I fluffed my lines. Typical, the woman who planned everything to the tee- got it wrong. I don't beat myself up about this though because it was all part and parcel of our day and looking back on the photos makes us both giggle. What I was supposed to say was 'I give you this ring, as a Symbol of our love' and what actually came out of my mouth was 'I give you this ring, as a single of our love'. To which one of my bridesmaids shouts- 'You're not single anymore!' Classic!

Emotional groom | Bella Coco
Anthony and Sarah-Jayne | Bella Coco
Laughing at the alter | Bella Coco
Laughing at the alter | Bella Coco

After the ceremony, our guests enjoyed Sangria and Tapas aperitif to the sounds of an acoustic guitar whilst Anthony and I headed to the beach for some photos.

Cas Mila | Bella Coco
Bride | Bella Coco
Anthony and Sarah-Jayne Cas Mila | Bella Coco
Anthony and Sarah-Jayne Cas Mila | Bella Coco
Anthony and Sarah-Jayne Cas Mila | Bella Coco
Anthony and Sarah-Jayne Cas Mila | Bella Coco
Anthony and Sarah-Jayne Cas Mila | Bella Coco

It was then time to sit down and enjoy the company of our guests. I remember sitting there and soaking it all in. I watched our Family and Friends laughing and joking whilst the sun was setting in the background. The food was beautiful and there was a buzz of happiness in the air. I wasn't one of those brides who didn't eat on her wedding day, my mum knew there was no chance of that because I love my food! So she got me and Anthony some aprons to wear so we didn't get our Dress or suit dirty.

Cas Mila Dining | Bella Coco
Cas Mila Table decor | Bella Coco
Cas Mila Table decor | Bella Coco
Brides apron | Bella Coco
Anthony and Sarah-Jayne Cas Mila | Bella Coco
Anthony and Sarah-Jayne Cas Mila | Bella Coco
Love in lights | Bella Coco
Love in lights | Bella Coco

Our first dance was to 'Glory of love' By Peter Cetera which is one of Anthonys favourite songs and it has such lovely words. We definitely wanted something unique for our first dance. After our dance came to an end, my mum came on the microphone and surprised us with another song. She had chosen a song that she wanted to play in memory of my Dad. It was a song called 'I love her first' by Heartland. It was so touching and beautiful. Anthony and I sobbed the whole way through- along with everyone else sanding by and watching. It was a special moment and I am so thankful to my mum for doing that.
The day went by so quickly, but it was filled with laughter, love and good times. Memories in which we will cherish forever. 

I really hope you have enjoyed having a glimpse into the best day of our lives. You can find a few more pictures on the photographers blog here. Make sure you pop back in a few weeks where I shall be sharing our UK wedding. I shall also be doing a post on some of the DIY's from our wedding.

Wedding planning by Ibiza Wedding Shop
Photography by Ibiza Photography

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DIY 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' photo frame

DIY Bridesmaid photoframes

Recently I was asked to make some 'Will you be my Bridesmaid' frames. You can get some lovely ones on Etsy, but the problem is, when you are buying multiple items, the cost soon build up and you could end up paying £60 for 4 frames. That's not including shipping!  

I was really pleased with how these frames turned out and even more impressed with the fact that all 4 frames that I made cost around £30! That's half the price of what you would pay Online, and to be honest, they were relatively quick and easy to make.

Here's what I used:

Rustic Photo frames: £2.99 each From Ebay
Hessian and lace bow: £3.90 for 10 from Ebay

I also had some tags, lace and twine left over from my wedding (all of which were purchased from Ebay too)

I used some glue (suitable for wood) and a glue gun.

Rustic frame with lace detail | Bella Coco

I started off by trimming some lace ribbon to side and glueing it onto the frame. I made sure the at ends wrapped round t the back so that no ends were visible.

Hessian and lace bows | Bella Coco

Next , I attached the twine to the labels leaving a generous end so that I could wrap the twine around the centre of the bow. With the end on the back of the bow, I glued the twine down as it wouldn't unravel.

Meanwhile, I typed up my labels (these can be handwritten if you wish) and printed them off ready to stick onto the label. I chose to print them on a cream pearlised paper so it would stand out and add more detail.

DIY Bridesmaid photoframes | Bella Coco
DIY Bridesmaid photoframes | Bella Coco

Once the glue had dried and the twine was secure to the bow, I heated my glue gun up (I love that thing!) and stuck the bow to the top left corner of the frame.

I glued the label in place and added a cute heart diamonte sticker.

So easy and yet very effective! What do you think? I'm kinda gutted I didn't think of this for my Bridesmaids! (See how I asked my Bridesmaids)

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Chevron crochet pattern

Chevron crochet pattern | Bella Coco

This chevron pattern has to be one of my favourites! It has such an effective pattern and makes a lovely scarf or afghan. 

Pattern in UK terms (see the U.S. conversion chart)
Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK 
Hook size: 5mm

ch= Chain
dc= Double crochet
*= Repeat anything between this symbol for indicated time

Foundation chain: To start with you will need to calculate the size of your project. Each cheveron (up and down) is around 4 inches (depending on hook size used) and consists of  25 stitches. This means you will need to chalulate your foundation chain in multiples of 25. Once calculated, you must add ONE set of 5 for turning.

Foundation chain= Mutilples of 25 + 5

Row one: dc into 2nd chain from the hook, dc into next chain, skip 1 chain, *11 dc, 3dc into next space, 11dc, skip 2 chains* This will be repeated until you have 3 chains left on your foundation chain. Skip 1 chain, dc into each of the two remaining chains.

Row two: Chain one and turn work, dc into the base of the chain one, dc, skip 1 chain, *11 dc, 3dc into next space, 11dc, skip 2 chains* This will be repeated until you have 3 chains left on your foundation chain. Skip 1 chain, dc into each of the two remaining chains.

Row two is then repeated until you reach your desired size.

Chevron crochet pattern | Bella Coco

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Crochet Butterfly pattern

Here is a really cute project that is so quick and easy to do. I made my Butterfly into a cute broach, but you could use these as embellishments for all different projects. You can either follow along via the video tutorial or find the written pattern below:

Pattern written in UK terms (See conversion chart)
Hook size: 4mm

ch = Chain
tc = Treble crochet (US Double)
ss = Slip stitch

Ch 6 and insert hook into first chain and ss to create circle.

Ch 3, tc into centre circle, *ch 2, tc into centre circle* 7 times, ch 2. Insert hook into third chain from the bottom and jin with slip stitch. You should have 8 clusters of 2 treble stitches.

Change colour if desired connecting new colour in treble space.

*6tr into chain 2 space, ss in treble space* 7 times, 6tr into ch 2 space, ss into top of original stitch to connect.

ch 8.

Making the butterfly

Fold the work in half (wrong sides facing) and wrap the chain around the work connecting at the base of the chain with a slip stitch. Tie off.

Take a piece of yarn about 2 inches in length and tie a know on each end. Slip the yarn under the chain and move into desired place.

You can now sew on a broach fitting or a safety pin in order to turn into a broach. Or sew on another project!

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Pinterest wedding boards

Bella Coco wedding
Nicola White Photography
I think most female (and possible some males too) Pinterest users will have some board dedicated to 'Wedding inspiration'. I for one have had various boards dedicated to all things wedding such a wedding decor, wedding cake, wedding flowers, bridal inspiration, groomsmen and bridesmaid.....to name a few! BUT most of these have been on secret boards. I'm not entirely sure why I decided to keep these boards secret, but I did. Until now that is! Now that all the wedding celebrations are over, I have combined all my boards and make them public so that you can see where I may have drew inspiration from for our wedding(s). 

You can find my wedding inspiration board here. And here are a few of my favourite pins which had the most influence on our wedding.
It took me a while to decide on a colour scheme. I always had in my head that I wanted Lemon bridesmaid dresses and defiantly NO pink! Well....I went for pink!   Or it might be better described a coral, but it certainly more towards the pinker end of the spectrum. I also loved the length of these dresses.

Taylor Sterlings wedding
White chairs and lanterns! If you haven't seen Taylor Sterlings wedding yet, you MUST take a look. I look a huge amount of inspiration to the details of her day! It was simply beautiful!

Wedding Cake
I fell in love with the look of this cake. I love the simplicity and beauty of it so this is the exact picture I showed to my friend who made our cake in order to draw inspiration from.
Butterfly name places. Butterflies were a theme at our wedding, so when I saw these I knew they would be perfect. We used these at our Ibiza wedding pinned onto the glasses with a cute gold peg.

I can't wait to share with you all some more details and photos! I know a lot of you are looking forward to seeing them. 

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